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BREAKING NEWS: Pitt a #2 Seed

Good news for all you Panther fans...Pitt is a #2 seed in the West and will play Delaware State in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Pitt will travel to Buffalo and will likely face the Tennessee/Indiana winner in round two. Of course, this is all based on Joe Lunardi's Bracketology projections, which hold a lot of weight after one week of basketball. What that, you say? It's pointless to do something like Bracketology already? I'm sure Joe Lunardi doesn't think it's dumb when he's cashing all those checks from the Worldwide Leader.
By the way, you may notice a lack of material today. In addition to a heavier-than-usual workload due to the busy holiday season (despite the Steelers' shortcomings), there was a little mini-flood-disaster at "Father of Mondesi's" house today. So being a good son, I'm putting everything on hold to help out in the cleanup effort. The fairly obvious observations on sports and pop culture you've come to put up with from this site will be posted later on today. Until then, digest the 1,900 links I posted yesterday and the gigantic ad for my business that I'm sure everyone enjoyed. If the mood strikes you to buy a signed Evgeni Malkin picture, rest assured that your business is appreciated. I shall return.


Anonymous said...

A #2 seed?


Then let me be the first to gripe about Pitt receiving no respect from the NCAA Selection Committee yet again.

On a side note, where does Lunardi have Penn State seeded in the NIT? Or are they now competing at the DIV II level?

Anonymous said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that Pitt and UCLA will be playing in the Sweet 16 or in the Elite 8 this year. You know that crazy selection committee. Can't wait to see Billy Packer tear them a new asshole!! Happens every year.