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Cowher Statue on ESPN, FredEx a Substitute Teacher, Dolphins #12, Bowl Projections, Paris, Britney and Lindsay Together

As reader "Soup" points out in the comments section, was ESPN's DJ Gallo inspired by the Mondesi-created "Cowher Statue" in Monday's ESPN Page 2 wrapup?
Remember Freddie "Fred Ex" Mitchell, the mouthy wide receiver for the Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles? Wonder what he's up to? Would you guess "just fired for hitting on girls as a substitute high school teacher?"
This dude is way too excited to get his picture taken with Freddie Mitchell

First we had Firejoemorgan. Now, through the wonders of FoxSports Blogs, I present The Bill Simmons Hater

The resemblance? Uncanny.

Peter King Miami Dolphins Fine Fifteen Watch: This week, the Fightin' Sabans are up to #12. And that 1-6 start is just a faint memory. Don't forget to read all seven pages of this week's drivel disguised as a football column. By the end, you're reading stuff like "I can't get past the Wednesday New York Times crossword. Usually I can't finish that one either. Shameful admission." and "Witnessed the most insane Starbucks order I'd ever heard the other day. "Grande white mocha with five Equals,'' a woman in front of me said." My head hurts.

ESPN tries their hand at projecting the college bowl games. And unlike SI's picks, they've omitted one Wannstached Big East squad.

Stop me if you've heard this one before...Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears are in a car together...No I'm not joking, this actually just happened. And yes, I realize the irony after I just mentioned Peter King's non-sport rantings. The minor difference is that I'm 99.9% sure this audience would rather hear about Ms. Lohan, Ms. Hilton, and the former Mrs. Federline than hear about Peter King being perplexed by a crossword puzzle.

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Anonymous said...

What is great is how King immediately thinks NYC is going underwater because it is warm out.

Guy is an imbecile.