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The Wizard of Croz

Sidney Crosby scored with a deflected shot off defenseman Aaron Ward's skate with 3 seconds left in regulation, and the Penguins downed the Penguin Alumni Team (a.k.a. the New York Rangers) by a count of 6-5.
The Rangers feature a lineup loaded with ex-Pens, including Jaromir Jagr, Marty Straka, Darius Kasparaitis, and Michal Roszival. But on this night, it was Jagr's penalty near the end of regulation that gave the Penguins the man advantage as time wound down.
Sidney Crosby earned the game's first star with a career-high four points. Pens defenseman Ryan Whitney chipped in with two goals and earned 2nd star status. I never knew this, but according to ESPN, Whitney is a faceless black man. Personally, I always thought he looked like "The Blank" from Dick Tracy.

This figure just sold for $400 on ebay. I kid you not.

This game had it all: Jordan Staal's first NHL goal, Kris Letang's first NHL goal, plenty of ads for Steubenville (The Burb of the Burgh), and heavy doses of Dan Potash. Add in a hotly contested game when the lamp was lit 11 times and you have one great night of hockey.
This Pens game was Potashtic

The next game is Saturday against the NHL champion Hurricanes. There must be some rule about Pittsburgh teams starting their seasons with tough schedules. I think next week the Penguins are playing the Patriots. I'm sure Bill Belichick will be able to convert his schemes from the gridiron to ice, though.


Anonymous said...

I noticed they got outshot 42-22. They won't win many games like that. And Fleury might be dead by December.

Anonymous said...

Could somebody at FSN Pittsburgh send those steubenville commercials to burn in hell please?

WTF does Burb of the Burgh mean? You want to consider yourself a suburb of Pittsburgh but you are a small town in Ohio? STOP THE INSANITY!