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A Guide to Pittsburgh's Finest Sushi for Chad Brown

14-year NFL veteran Chad Brown returned back to his original team today, your Pittsburgh Steelers. Due the fact that nearly every linebacker on the roster is injured, including Joey Porter, James Harrison, Mike Meriweather and Jack Lambert, the Steelers reached out to the unemployed ex-Patriot. And that came only after Jack Ham turned down their request to lace them up one more time.

Brown was the 44th player taken in the 1993 draft, the Steelers' #2 choice in that class. Their first rounder, Deon "Seven" Figures, was a teammate of Brown's at Colorado. He played four years in the black and gold, all while nurturing his side gig as a snake dealer. He now operates a reptile shop called Pro Exotics in Colorado.

Brown left the Steelers for the greener and bluer pastures of Seattle in 1997, for a fatter contract and the chance to play for a team that's never won anything. But Brown's wife tossed one more stomach punch to the city on their exit, citing Pittsburgh's lack of sushi restaurants. Think of Mr. and Mrs. Brown as an earlier version of Sienna Miller and Ian Snell should they ever meet up.

So I am doing a service to Chad and his wife. Since I know he reads Mondesi's House, I have gone to the trouble of creating a handy guide to sushi restaurants in and around Pittsburgh. Hopefully, this will make their experience a little more palatable this time around. You can thank me later.

Kiku Japanese Restaurant
7 Station Sq, Pittsburgh, PA

Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
1611 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA

239 Atwood St, Pittsburgh, PA

Umi Japanese Restaurant
5849 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant
301 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse
4260 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA

Chaya Japanese Cuisine
2104 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Pan Asia Chinese and Japanese Restaurant
5321 Clairton Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA

Japan House
200 Rodi Rd, Penn Hills, PA

Sushi Kim Restaurant
1241 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Sushi Too
5432 Walnut St, Pittsburgh, PA

Sushi Three Inc
297 Beverly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

Hibachi Japan
3981 Washington Rd, Canonsburg, PA

1025 Waterdam Plaza Dr, Mc Murray, PA

(I was planning on something sushi-related to announce Brown's return to Pittsburgh, but thanks to reader Russell for his email on this. You guys know me too well.)


Anonymous said...

"Pro Exotics"? Reptile shop or underground strippy?

Christmas Ape said...

Funny, they tried to get Levon Kirkland back by laying a trail of sushi leading to the South Side. Chad Brown showed up instead. Take what you get, I suppose.

Elizabeth May said...

You forgot Susheli in Squill. It's brilliant.