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ESPN Podcasts, Bill Simmons' Power Rankings, A Shirtless Golfer, Top 10 NFL Prospects

Now you can listen to your favorite ESPN Radio (including our very own 1250 in Pittsburgh) shows via Podcast or download. This must be like Christmas for all the Junker and Crow fans out there.
What do Dert Dawson, Kevin Greene, Carnell Lake, and Donnie Shell have in common? They're all Hall of Fame nominees.

Bill Simmons gives us his revised
NFL Power Rankings. Steelers check in at #18 in the "Lingering Like a Stale Fart" bracket.

A pro golfer went shirtless on Thursday.

SI ranks the
top 10 college football pro prospects right now. Anthony Morelli is not on the list.


Anonymous said...

Junker and Crow are awful

vinnie said...

With the way the Steelers are playing, perhaps we should be looking at the Top 10 NFL prospects a little closer!