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New Look for Mondesi's House

Sorry for the lack of interesting nuggets today, but I had some site cleanup work to do. I was busy adding "labels" to each and every one of my posts, from June until today. You will find these at the bottom of each post from now on, and they basically provide an index of all mentions of relevant people/things mentioned in each story. For instance, if you are reading the post on Ian Snell, just click on the "Ian Snell" label at the bottom of the story and you'll get virtually all mentions of him on Mondesi's House. I also have specialized tags like "Video" for all Youtube & related media, and "Mondesi Lists" for pieces I've done in list format. There were also a few cosmetic changes to the overall look and setup, but hopefully this will make the site a little easier to navigate.

Rest assured, Mondesi's House will be back on its regular schedule ASAP!


vinnie said...

Wow, great job! That's a lot of labels! I know how tedious it can be to do stuff like this, so let me be the first to say thanks!

Anonymous said...

The new site is looking good!