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Video of Jim Balsillie Dropping an S-Bomb on Live TV

Just 11 days ago, new Pens owner Jim Balsillie dropped a "Holy S***" on Fox Sports Pittsburgh after being introduced to Bob Errey. I can't say I blame him, because I've seen many people react the same when meeting Errey. But now we have video proof, courtesy of The Pensblog (who else?).


Anonymous said...

I love how people with thick Canadian accents, like Errey and Balsillie, make every sentence sound like a question.

"I'm from Peterborough?"

"The team looks great?"

"I'm Ron Burgundy?"

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but the Dump Truck nickname made an appearance in DJ Gallo's Page 2 column today.

It's also in Najeh's Wikipedia entry.

And back on topic somewhat, am I the only person that thinks Canadians and people from Minnesota kind of sound the same?

Anonymous said...

there are subtle differences in the Canadian dialect and the midwest (Minnesota/Wisconsin/Fargo) dialect.

In Minnesota a boat is pronounced b-Ohhh-t. In Canada, it is a Boot.

but yes... it is very close.

Megatron said...

Jimmy B. is obviously stoned here. He is giggling the whole time and he is like "Holy Shit... I'm on television and I am wasted!" That is what he was really saying.

Anonymous said...

eh jeh is obviously not very smart. Here in Canada we don't call boats - boots. But I have heard some Americans call hockey, hacky. Not very subtle to me.

Anonymous said...

fucken dumb americans... boot. shit you probly think we live in igloos with moose walking around in our back yards.