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The Alex Rodriguez Bat Hump video

Another popular request I am fulfilling, here is the famous Alex Rodriguez "bat" video. The rainout left all of us with a little ARod withdrawal. This should lift your spirits.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else have Yankee fan friends?

They brag about how great their team is, then get all mad when you point out that the only reason their team is great is because they can spend twice as much as anyone else on payroll.

Then they say "Well, money doesn't guarantee anything because not all high priced free agents work out. You gotta have a good GM."

Then you say, "Yeah, but the Yankees have so much money that if they sign a guy for an assload of cash, and he doesn't work out, they can just pay him what they owe him, send him on his way, and sign another high priced guy for just as much to take his place. Little luxuries like that make GMs look very smart!"

Then they say, "Well what about Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrerra? The Yankees brought them up through their system recently."

And you say "Their enourmous financial advantages give them the ability to pay top dollar for Latin American talent like Cano and Cabrerra because Latin American prospects aren't drafted, they just go to the highest bidder."

Then they realize they can't win the arguement, and go back to being an "NY" hat wearing frontrunner.

But seriously, I'm not trying to pin ALL of the Pirates and their small-market brethren's woes on salary. We all know that Dave Littlefield could do a better job than he does.

But let's not ignore the fact that the biggest problem with MLB competitive balance is still $$$. I guarantee you that Dave Littlefield would look pretty good if he had unlimited money to spend on players every year.

Anonymous said...

They can spend as much as they want, as long as they beat the RedSox, whom I hate more than anything.

Anonymous said...

Here here. Glad to see the Shawks sitting at home watching this fall.