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Pirates Embarrassed on National TV, Again

No, it's not the 2006 team...they're actually on quite a roll of ruining other teams' seasons after ruining their own earlier in the year. I'm talking about the 1985 Pirates, those of the 57-104 record, made infamous by the Pittsburgh Drug Trials. Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the HBO show made famous for Gumbel's statements about Gene Upshaw's status on the leash of Paul Tagliabue, will re-air an episode tonight (Thursday 9/21) at 7 PM EST on HBO about this infamous team. I caught this on an earlier airing this week and I would consider it a must-see for Pirate fans. Being that I was a mere eight years old when the trials were going on, all that I've heard to this point were through internet recaps.
Gumbel interviewed several key figures in the case, including former Pirate Parrot Kevin Koch and "The Cobra", Dave Parker. At one point, Gumbel was told an estimated 15-17 members of the 1985 team were using cocaine. Say what you want about the poor performance about the Pirates in recent years, but at least they do not embarrass the city like the 1985 group continues to do 21 years later.

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Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid becoming a baseball fan around 97 or so and my dad would always tell me about the Parrot dealing coke.

For some reason, my little kid-ass found it hilarious.... and actually, my adult-ass STILL finds it hilarious!

I'm pissed now that I don't ahve HBO.