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Hell Freezes Over: Pirates on Sunday Night BB

Dan Patrick just announced that this Sunday's ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecast would be the Pirates vs. the Mets.

Dan Patrick and long lost brother, Kingsford Charcoal Guy

ESPN coming to a Pirates game? Didn't they realize the All Star Game was last month?
I was convinced that Hell hath frozen over.

So why would ESPN choose to broadcast the Pirates now? The calendar says August 1, not April 1, so that eliminates the April Fool's Angle. I just had to verify what Keith Olbermann's Man Partner had just said. Well, as it turns out they're not broadcasting the Pirates. The Buccos are playing the Cubs on Sunday, and the Mets are hosting the Phillies, on, you guessed it, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. So it looks like Dan and the normally mistake-free Joe Morgan screwed up; the Pirates WILL NOT be on Sunday Night Baseball. The universe is back in balance.

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COOL SIGN...Great Article also!!