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The Three Stooges of Tennessee

I wish the Tennessee Titans were still in the Steelers' division.

First, they drafted PacMan Jones, former WVU Mountaineer and thorn in the side of the Pitt Panthers. Here's a
video of him cursing out a Nashville TV station after they implicated him in a drug ring that involved 1,600 pounds of weed and 128 pounds of cocaine. It's not his car, it's just a coincidence that it has PacMan logos embroidered in it. What, your car doesn't?

PacMan Jones: a faster, more agile version of Nate Newton

Then, they passed up Matt Leinart, killing a reunion with college coordinator Norm Chow, in favor of Vince Young. The same incredibly focused Vince Young who hired
rapper Mike Jones' agent, had a Wonderlic score of 6, and will be the star of a BET reality show in his rookie year.

Watch my awkward delivery as I throw this crystal football

LenDale White, cousin of the Pistons' Chauncey Billups, was projected to be a top-10 pick in the NFL draft, then was predicted to slide, possibly to the Steelers. Character and weight issues pushed him to the #45 pick. The Steelers didn't want to draft anyone with character issues.

You'll regret the day you passed on me, Bill Cowher.

But this troika has topped themselves. I present to you their newest event:
Hosting the New NFL Millionaires' Party in Atlanta on Friday, July 14. Dress code is "Sexy", women are admitted free till 11, and you can't wear your Timbs.

I'm sure Jeff Fisher is thrilled about his team bonding so well. There are unconfirmed rumors that Fisher is looking to trade for Steelers WR
Santonio Holmes.

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