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Bid on this video!

Anyone looking for a good laugh should check out this eBay auction we just posted...a 2002 Pirates Season Ticket Motivational Video featuring McClatchy and Littlefield. I just viewed it, and it is seven minutes of pure bliss.

To quote from the listing:

"7 minutes of high comedy featuring Pirate Owner Kevin McClatchy and GM Dave Littlefield telling you why you should renew your season tickets in 2002 after a 100 loss campaign in 2001.

Incredibly in-depth analysis by Littlefield of off-season moves such as the Todd Ritchie trade, Mike Williams and Pokey Reese signings, financial flexibility, and Armando Rios & Kris Benson's rehab.

McClatchy promises exciting baseball in 2002 and pleads to stick by the team.
The Buccos finished 72-89 in 2002, and attendance dropped
by about 700,000 from 2001, so I'm not sure how much this video helped. "
This item was in with a collection I just picked up yesterday. The greatest part? It was UNOPENED. Guess there was at least one person who wasn't falling for their schtick in 2002.

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Anonymous said...

I have that. I put it in after one run losses and throw (more) empties and lose food at my TV.

I'm not sure that its helping...