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Surprise! The Steelers Aren't Interested in Tiki Barber

In news that comes as a surprise to Tiki Barber, the Steelers are not interested in Tiki Barber. Hooray!

The word got out today that the 35-year-old, possibly cash-poor running back had interest in joining the Black and Gold; and as quickly as that report surfaced, Ed Bouchette shot it down

This news should come as a shock to no one. The Steelers don't sign other teams' problems, especially when they've been out of the game since 2006 and left their previous team in a state of disarray. I'm pretty sure we go through this discussion every time a name free agent hits the market, but at least in this case it wasn't some delusional fans throwing it out there, just a delusional player. Of course he would want to play for the Steelers. Great team, great coach, great owner, great teammates, great franchise. What football player wouldn't want to be here? But anyone with a sense of team history would know that there was precisely 0% chance of this move ever becoming a reality. 



Nate said...

What? A Steelers team who had a first-round draft pick, 23 year old RB break out last year and pretty good depth behind him isn't interested in a 35 year old RB who hasn't played the game in five years to come in and leech carries away? Shock of shocks!

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