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Steelers Hire Carnell Lake

The Pittsburgh Steelers finally hired a secondary coach, and it is most certainly not Chuck Cecil.

That being said, Steeler fans should be elated at the alternative: former safety Carnell Lake, a five-time Pro Bowler and Steeler from 1989-1998. Lake is replacing Ray Horton, who took the Arizona Cardinals' defensive coordinator job after Ken Whisenhunt found out that Dick LeBeau and Keith Butler would not be available for the post. 

Lake, who retired in 2001 as a member of the Ravens (Ravens? I forgot about that.) had an internship with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 and coached the DBs at his alma mater, UCLA, later that season under Rick Neuheisel. This will be his first coaching job in the NFL. 

During his time with the Steelers, Lake started in Super Bowl XXX, was named to the 1990s NFL Team of the Decade, and was honored as the 1997 AFC Defensive Player of the Year, even getting a vote for MVP from Peter King.

Having Lake as another set of eyes on a secondary that features Troy Polamalu and is ultimately overseen by Dick LeBeau should be nothing but a good thing for the defending AFC Champions (although it would be better if they could keep Ike Taylor in the mix). Now let's hope the millionaires and billionaires can decide how to split their riches so we can see Lake's secondary in action in 2011.


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I still miss that block lettering on the jerseys

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