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And Hines Ward's Dance Partner Is...

Which skimpy-outfitted dancer did #86 draw in the matching up of celebrity and pro for Dancing With the Stars?

Give up? It's Australian dancer Kym Johnson, 34, who first joined DWTS in season 3 and had the unfortunate luck of getting Jerry Springer as a partner that year. Since then, she's worked with N'Sync's Joey Fatone, Pittsburgh's own Mark Cuban, magician Penn Jillette, former Buccaneer Warren Sapp, In Living Color's David Alan Grier, actor Donny Osmond, and most recently, "The Hoff", which resulted in a first-round elimination. 

Johnson won the competition with Fatone, and was twice the runner-up. The team of Johnson and Ward is listed as an 11:2 favorite, for any degenerates whose gambling addiction is so bad they're betting on a TV dancing show. Publicity monger Kendra Wilkinson is currently the favorite at 3:1.


BURGH08 said...

Am I the only one that doesn't care about this?

If Erin Andrews couldn't get me to watch DWTS (though I did see pictures of her outfits), Hines Ward won't make me tune in either.

I don't care if he does it or not, but to hear it on sports shows and read it is about as interesting as where Wiz Khalifa is on the charts to me.

jmarinara said...

PLEASE . . . JUST . . . STOP.

Bababooey said...