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Readers Rule Day: A Steeler Fan's Guide to Dallas/Ft. Worth

by Ryan Wateska, @texasyinzer on Twitter
Ft. Worth, Texas, via Pittsburgh 
During the week leading up to Super Bowl XLV, Fort Worth, Texas will have signs proclaiming “You’re In Steelers Country”, sidewalk vendors will be hawking Terrible Towels, and WTAE cameras will be recording the anticipation for those back at home. On all accounts, the DFW area will be home to plenty of the Steelers Nation.

The atmosphere of the city now is a far cry from the “Funkytown Fort Worth” that Pittsburgh native Ryan Wateska experienced during Super Bowl XL a half decade ago.

“During the Drive for Five, I watched the game with my father at the Fox & Hound on Houston St. in downtown Fort Worth. The bar was packed, but we were the only jagoffs in the whole place wearing black and gold.”

Riding the championship wave, Wateska enrolled in Texas Christian University and immediately established a new foothold for Steelers Nation.

In the time since, Wateska has found what makes this city great for Pittsburghers visiting deep in the heart of Texas, where Dallas Cowboys “5xChamps” vanity license plates are (humorously) commonplace.

If Yins have a family:

Visit The Fort Worth Zoo, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, watch a Cattle Drive in the Stockyards, or cruise Sundance Square where you can eat, watch an ESPN show, and take in the atmosphere of one of the great American downtown experiences.

If Yins are hungry:

While in Texas you’ll need to taste local Tex-Mex at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on University and Berry, or grab a late night snack at one of Fort Worth’s unique taco stands: Salsa Limon on Berry St., or Taco Heads off West 7th St. In addition, the Stockyards has great steakhouses but make sure to have an early reservation, as this area closes around 9pm.

If Yins want an I.C. Light:

You won’t find one in Fort Worth. The main bar areas are the college bars near the TCU campus, where there are half a dozen watering holes with cheap drink specials or head to West 7th Street, which offers a number of hip destinations, including the appropriately named “7th Haven” where the aforementioned Taco Heads can be found. Don’t miss grabbing a Rahr or Shiner (Iron City/Yuengling to a Texan) or any of the 240+ beers at the Flying Saucer in Sundance Square before moving along Houston St. The downtown bars are sure to be packed with celebrities and Steelers fans this weekend. Pete’s Piano bar is always a good time to enjoy live music and drinks, while the Fox & Hound, The Library, and Bar 9 all offer a different atmosphere, depending on your mood.

If Yins want to win a Super Bowl:

Going to the game is out of your price range? Your best destinations would be the downtown Fox & Hound with countless televisions, a great hole in the wall at Woody’s Tavern off Bryant Irvin and I-20, any one of the Buffalo Wild Wings in greater DFW, or Wet Willies, a 4-month old bar opened by three Pittsburghers situated between Fort Worth and Arlington on I-30.

“I never thought the Steelers Nation would invade Fort Worth like it has for Super Bowl XLV”, admitted Wateska. 

“I’ve taken the Terrible Towel to Istanbul in the name of Royal Tunch Ilkin and all the way to Rome for Emperor Chaz. Seeing Pittsburgher’s in Texas waving them proudly this past week ranks up there with the best of them.”

Fort Worth better be ready for this Texas Yinzer as he and Jakarta Jagoff, Jim Allan, plan to give away 200 Terrible Towels the week leading up to Super Bowl XLV.

If Yins are visiting Fort Worth, be prepared, it’s Steelers Country!

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Unknown said...

Gotta add a few great eateries to the list if you are in the DFW area:

1) Pancho's! Buffet-style Mexican food that is, most definitely, authentic buffet-style Mexican. The food is good for the price and, beyond the all-you-can-eat concept, they bring the food to you when you want seconds -- or thirds, fourths, fifths...when I was 8 years old I ate 10 tacos in one sitting and wanted more before my grandmother stopped me.

2) Mercado Juarez - I went to church with the owners for years. Some of the best Mexican food you will ever eat, and I could make a meal out of just their chips and salsa.

And I can't believe you didn't mention Billy Bob's, or the JFK Memorial, or the 18 gazillion AWESOME steakhouses in the area. Kansas City ain't got nothin' on DFW when it comes to steak.

Also, if you want SERIOUS upscale dining, try Five Sixty in Reunion Tower. I haven't been to that particular establishment but I visited one of its predecessors back in 1988. Major-league snooty food -- and the current restaurant was opened by Wolfgang Puck, so you know it has to be pretty good.

mandy said...

funny you should mention pete's piano bar. ben, max starks, willie colon and kyle jolly were there last night --

they were at houston st. bar the night before.

Dallas Mike said...

For those coming to town, I recommend spending time in Fort Worth over Dallas if you are short on time. The two cities have plenty to offer but feature completely different personas. If you want to pay $400 for table service to mingle with some youth in Affliction/Ed Hardy T-Shirts, then Dallas is the place for you at many of the one-word titled establishments - (caution: you might need to be on "the list"). If you want a clean, laid back, unpretentious environment then Fort Worth is the place for you. For great dining and atomosphere with a range of wild game, check out Reata on Houston St. If you are staying in Dallas and want good food, check out Nick & Sams, Bob's Steak and Chop House, Perry's ("New Perry's" on McKinney St.) for the best pork chops money can buy, or Perry's Place ("Old Perry's on Routh St.)for a great mix of steak and seafood. If you have some time and want old fashioned pit BBQ, my recommendation is Hard Eight in Coppell.