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Monday Headlines

Getting up to speed on a windy, rainy Monday morning in the Burgh:

RAY SHERO and the Penguins are not expected to be active during today's NHL trading deadline, having already made two deals that have already helped the Penguins win a game (and on that note, what a game on Saturday night!)

If anything, a goal-scoring winger would be on their wish list, but I would be a little surprised if something was done today. Then again, we're talking Ray Shero here, so anything is possible. [PG]

THE PITT PANTHERS unceremoniously dropped an overtime contest at Louisville yesterday, even with the aid of a Cardinals male cheerleader whose exuberance over the pending win resulted in his throwing the game ball up in the air before time expired and giving the Panthers two free throws.

A win would've been the second-biggest comeback in Pitt history in Big East games after falling behind by 12 in the first half. But hitting shots ultimately cost the Panthers this game, going over 11 minutes between hoops in the first half and failing to hit a single field goal in OT. Not even I can complain about their ranking today after such a performance, yet smart money says I will. [Deadspin]

HINES WARD was named by Bob Pompeani as a rumored candidate for Dancing with the Stars: Season 12, and if this is true, I very much look forward to Mark Madden's reaction.

Other names reportedly in the mix as Hines' co-stars: talk show host Wendy Williams, Oscar winner Faye Dunaway, actor Lorenzo Lamas, politician Christine O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen's estranged wife Brooke Mueller, actress Jodi Sweetin (Full House) and reality star Kendra Wilkinson-Basset. In Hines' defense, who wouldn't want to hang out with all those A-listers? [Twitter, WPLJ]

BEN ROETHLISBERGER's wedding registry was unearthed by TMZ, and it was all over Pittsburgh news broadcasts last night. As always, it's good to know that our local newscasts have their priorities in order. [TMZ]

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