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Bradshaw, Roethlisberger Kiss and Make Up

I'm usually pretty realistic when it comes to how I view the sports world. I realize that the guys who play have unique personalities, and sometimes those personalities don't always mesh well with others. But I've always been a little bothered by the fact that the top two Steeler QBs in history, Ben Roethlisberger and Terry Bradshaw, have been at odds for as long as I could remember.

Thankfully, that unpleasantness appears to be behind us, as the two Steeler icons met privately before Media Day, then sat down for a 25-minute interview to be broadcast on Fox. This could only be looked upon as a win-win situation: Roethlisberger, whether prompted to by his handlers or doing this on his own, is viewed as taking another step towards mending fences with the media and one of the most visible faces of the Steeler Family; Bradshaw gets good press as well for making nice while landing what could be the most talked-about interview in Super Bowl week. And Steeler Nation can sleep better at night with the thought that Terry and Ben can at least be civil again, whether that is an actual reality or a PR illusion that benefits both sides. The cynic in me says there are ulterior motives at play, but the Steeler fan in me is glad this mess appears to finally be behind the two. And I'll happily accept the latter as reality at this point.
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