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Christina Aguilera to Sing Super Bowl National Anthem

Christina Aguilera's had a rough go of it lately. Divorce. Canceled tour/single tanks. Accusations of ripping off Lady Gaga. Comparisons to Tina Yothers. You get the picture.

The Wexford product could use a break, and it appears she got one: XTina will be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 45 in Dallas, featuring her hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. The halftime entertainment at SB45 will be the ubiquitous Black Eyed Peas, featuring the one and only Fergie. Let's hope she doesn't have an accident this time around.

For you trivia buffs, past Steeler Super Bowl halftime acts have included Mercer Ellington and the Grambling State University Marching Band (IX), Up with People (X), Ken Hamilton and various Caribbean bands (XIII), Up with People and the Grambling State University Marching Band (XIV), Diana Ross (XXX), The Rolling Stones (XL), and Bruce Springsteen (XLIII).

The list of Steeler Super Bowl anthem singers includes Grambling State University Marching Band (IX), Tom Sullivan (X), The Colgate Thirteen (XLIII), Cheryl Ladd (XIV), Vanessa Williams (XXX), Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin (XL), and Jennifer Hudson (XLIII). 

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Unknown said...

what a nice pic of christina!

Anonymous said...

it looks like her guts are falling out...

Unknown said...

I believe Pittsburg will win, but looking at the halftime performers of the past, if you get Grambling and Up With People to perform again, it would be a lock.

Jaxon Oakley said...

I like your thoughts due to your skills..