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Michael Haywood Gives Quite a Speech

Now that it looks like Michael Haywood will be the Wannstedtian successor at Pitt (with a five-year deal), it looks like we should probably get to know him a little better. 

With that being said, take a gander at this video of Haywood before the November 23rd Miami (OH)-Temple contest, one that Haywood's team won 23-3 over new Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden and the Owls. Listening to fan reaction, people aren't entirely stoked over this hire, but I'll say one thing: the guy sure can talk a good game. If he gets this fired up for Temple, just imagine the kind of speech he gives before facing Dana Holgorsen in the Backyard Brawl someday.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


jmarinara said...

Yeah ok, great speech.

Can you win 11 games? Can you bring in 5 star recruits? Are you going to actually make halftime changes that matter?

You see, sir, I'm not a 19 year old football player. I'm a season ticket holder, and I put down my hard earned cash to see my team be competitive, not to see them lose to Bowling Green, U-Conn, and GOD FORBID WVU.

Bababooey said...

Pitt doesn't care about your hard earned cash, because some one else will pick up the tab and sit in your seats.

BURGH08 said...

Yeah, and it most likely will be a Notre Dame fan next year to watch the Irish come to town.

I'm disappointed in the hire, but also how the process was handled. To not even interview Tom Bradley was a joke. They also went on the cheap in my opinion.

I have seen folks use the hiring of Haywood to the last two basketball coaches as a defense with the thought of 'nobody knew them'. It's crap in my opinion.

However, the state of the program and options used in my opinon are different. Howland was hired when the program went five seasons with only an NIT appearance.

Dixon was eventually hired of course after Howland left, though the administration proved to actually pursue what at the time were seen as top coaches, including Prosser. Once that didn't pan out, they went with Howland's right hand man. They also lost because Wake Forest upped their offer in pay and a ten year contract.

If Pitt's football program was in a similar state as it was after the '98 basketball season I could see the comparison. Or if there was rationale that they truly went top dollar to look for a more proven replacement.

In my opinion, they did neither. *

* By the way, I would feel the same way if Golden was hired and the search was held in a similar manner.