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Jon Baldwin in Full Backtrack/Damage Control Mode

"Yesterday, I received a text message from a reporter at a time when I was very emotional. Because of everything that happened, I wasn't using the best judgment and am very sorry about the things that were printed. I love my teammates and coaches at Pitt. I have not made a final decision on the NFL Draft. My only focus is on my commitment to my team and preparing to win our bowl game next month." - Pitt WR Jon Baldwin, in a statement released today

"He was just misquoted, that's all, he was misquoted. He still has a bowl game to play, he still has a few weeks of practice and he hasn't decided what he is going to do. No decision has been made." -- Jeff Baldwin, father of Jonathan, on Jonathan's draft statement

Source: Paul Zeise/PG

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Cool Hand Nuke said...

Nice work by whatever PR rep that wrote that.

You couldn't backpedal harder than this. In my opinion a little TOO hard. To try and spin this to the point that he's 50/50 on staying or gone is an insult to anyone's intelligence, hence may as well not even be spun.

I don't blame him though, I think he was talking himself out of a seat on the plane for the bowl game. I hope he doesn't share a locker with Sunseri. No matter what it may be brutal for him in that locker room.

jmarinara said...

Yeah, he was mis-quoted. . . in a text message. . . right.

Bye Jon, don't let the door hit ya.

Koz said...

Well, the quote does have a semi-colon in it. Who texts with semi-colons?

Bababooey said...

Baldwin is a Warrior.

Steve said...

Who needs wikileaks when there's texting? How long before a war is started over a heat of the moment text that shouldn't have been sent, or errantly sent to the wrong person. Yeeaay for slacker technology! Yeeaay for stupid people!

Borsk said...

If Obama ever sends a text without a sarcasm tag, it might be Red Dawn in real life.

Oh how I love PR back-pedaling. It truly is one of the greatest things in sports.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

He wasn't misquoted and he isn't undecided. He'll declare for the NFL... and he SHOULD!

Unknown said...

Suspend him for the bowl game so the team can further "disrupt his draft stock." Please....
Even Antonio Bryant didn't come off this bad during his abbreviated stint with the Panthers and he accomplished more than Baldwin.