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When it Rains, it Pours: Greg Romeus Out For the Season

At one point this season, Greg Romeus was looked at as a potential Top-10 NFL draft pick. Now, he'll have to prove that he's healthy enough to play at the next level, as it was announced today by the Wannstache that Romeus will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL, thus ending his Pitt career rather abruptly.

The injury happened on a non-contact play when Romeus rushed the quarterback against UConn last week, his second major injury this season after missing several games with a back injury. Said the Stache:

"Finally, everybody's been calling about Greg Romeus. This is a young man that I have strong, strong feelings for. He did sustain a knee injury. It was an ACL tear during the game. He's going to get a second opinion on Tuesday, but all indications and how it appears right now is that the year is over for Greg Romeus. It is very painful for me to stand here and say that because there hasn't been a player since I've been here who has done everything in the right way both on and off the field, has always put this team first, has always been willing to do whatever was necessary to represent the University of Pittsburgh like Greg Romeus has. It's a tough deal. When you look back at what Greg has dealt with over the last six months, it's a shame, a real shame. The plan is that he'll get a doctor's recommendation, do what he has to do and then he'll get ready for the NFL draft."

"I feel like he'll be able to get ready for the combine once he gets taken care of, whatever that has to be. I think Greg's football reputation speaks for itself, so that won't be an issue. They'll just want to know that he's healthy and ready to go. His production is strong. He has good tape and a strong history. These things fortunately don't happen very often, but they do happen. I will do everything I can, and we will as a university do everything we can, to make sure that everything is done right. I believe that he'll be playing on Sundays for a long time."

Romeus will finish his 2010 season with seven tackles in two games, vs. Utah and vs. UConn. In his Pitt career, Romeus accumulated 142 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 interception in four seasons.
Luckily for Pitt, Romeus' replacement, Brandon Lindsey, is tied for the conference lead with nine sacks and is playing better than anyone anticipated. Regardless, Romeus' injury is symbolic of the tough year Pitt has lived through: enormous expectations leading to extreme disappointment.

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Pitt football story where top (?) defender goes down for season = no posts in first 21 hrs... watch how upset every gets when i mention that this wouldn't happen with a PSU story