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Video: Sidney Crosby Fights Matt Niskanen

There was a pretty lousy Penguin game last night, unless 5-2 losses in Dallas are your thing. 

Fortunately, we came away with one video clip for the archives, that of Sidney Crosby throwing down with Matt Niskanen at 12:33 of the second period, with the Pens firmly in a three-goal hole. It was one of four fights in the frisky game's first two periods, the main event of an undercard featuring Jamie Benn-Tyler Kennedy in the first period, Benn vs.Chris Kunitz in the second, and Brenden Morrow and Kris Letang later in the second. I never realized there was so much animosity between these two teams, but if it involves disliking Dallas for any reason, I'm on board.

The 6-6-1 Pens are back in action Friday night at 10 against 5-7-1 Anaheim.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc:


Rege said...

This game was terrible. When's the Fathers roadtrip? That always seem to get the Pens back on track.

Steve said...

Ya know what gets them on track even better? Firing a coach and making some trades.