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The Steelers are Good Tippers, Even in Cincinnati

Usually when I get an email from a TMZ employee, I cringe in advance of the news. Which Steeler got arrested? Who got accused? Who's in the unfortunate picture?

Luckily, this one wasn't so bad: several Steelers, including Byron Leftwich, Rashard Mendenhall, and Casey Hampton took down some ribs at the Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati this afternoon, and left a whopping 80% tip. Considering the source, I've never been more relieved to hear about an uneventful pre-game meal in my life.

In other news of the TMZ-ish, the Cincinnati Zoo took advantage of their upcoming opponent's high profile for a PR opportunity, feeding their tigers out of 55-pound barrels bearing the Steeler logo. If only the Bengals could've devoured more than two of the seven teams they've faced this season...

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Someone Somewhere said...

"We're told the three NFLers threw back a rack of the restaurant's famous barbecued choice pork loin back ribs ... one order of the pork chops and one pulled pork sandwich."

Evidently, they forgot to mention what Mendenhall and Leftwich ordered.

Unknown said...