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Raider Tommy Kelly on Heinz Field: "You got professional groundskeepers here?"

No one can ever say Jeff Reed and Tommy Kelly don't have anything in common, because I now know that they both hate the Heinz Field turf with a passion. That and other Steeler notes from today:

-An article about Heinz Field's much-maligned turf is the #1 most-read article on the Trib's website today, and it featured that classic/insulting quote from the Raiders' Rick Ross-lookalike in the body of the article. But if you think it's bad now, just imagine what it will look like after five games on Friday and Saturday with the Brawl and the WPIAL championships. Yikes and gadzooks.

-Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference on Tuesday, and as predicted, talked glowingly about Ryan Fitzpatrick. But that's not exactly news (or interesting), so here's what he said that was actually relevant:

BRETT KEISEL will practice tomorrow and is expected to play Sunday at Buffalo, although there's a chance he may not start.

MAURKICE POUNCEY has a thigh contusion that isn’t expected to limit him in practice this week.

ANTONIO BROWN (knee) and MATT SPAETH (concussion) are questionable for Sunday

TROY POLAMALU (Achilles) will be limited in practice but is expected to play.

And here's Tomlin on the RICHARD SEYMOUR hit and fine: "I don’t have a reaction. That’s between Seymour and the league."

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Nate said...

I love that opponents hate the Heinz Field turf. It just proves we have awesome home-field advantage.

Bababooey said...

Nate, you're an idiot. The Steelers hate it too. Reed was right when he called out the grounds crew and the field conditions.

Pitt, the WPIAL playoffs, and the Steelers schedule has made this field awful to play on for everyone.

Koz said...

The field really is an embarrassment. Considering how heavy handed NFL leadership is, I am surprised they haven't mandated something be done to improve the playing surface.

Bababooey said...

The Rooneys run one of the most successful organizations in the NFL, and they can't figure out how to grow grass!

PSU, an agriculture school with one of the best field surfaces in the country is down the road...and the Steelers can't figure out how to grow grass!

Anyone else got some more brain busters?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Yeah, the Steelers probably hate it too... they're just not allowed to say it. See Reed, Jeff.

And IT IS embarrassing. There are 2-3 plays each week (conservative estimate!) where the turf CLEARLY effects the play. As it did on Reed's 26 yd FG miss, which he pointed out by sayin, "i'm not going to make excuses, but..." the rest is history.

The field is a disgrace, but it's really cool for High School kids to be able to play there and that'll never stop.