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Jeff Reed Turns Down Two Teams, Says Agent

The Skipster is in such a position of power that he's turning down teams, according to agent Donal Henderson.

“We talked to three teams and we had offers from two of them,” Henderson said. “We decided to wait to see what happens this week.”

While Henderson did not disclose the interested parties, Scott Brown of the Trib pointed out that the Bengals were likely one of the suitors, having recently placed Mike Nugent on IR. I also noticed that the 49ers signed Shane Andrus to fill in for Joe Nedney after a Wednesday tryout, so that could have been one of the teams (although that's 100% speculation on my part).

Reed is still owed $1.16 million by the Steelers for 2010, which breaks down to $160,000 per week until he decides to grace the league with his fun-loving, Heinz Field-hating once more. That's a pretty nice paycheck to not kick a football, if I do say so.

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Steve said...

I think he just wanted the Steelers to be on the hook for his salary this year...a little parting F U. Plus, he has better odds of going to a decent team and making better money if he holds out til next season. Might be better for him psychologically too to just call it a season. I'm sure towel dispensers everywhere will be relieved.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

I don't think the steelers can be on the hook for his salary. The NFL isn't like other major leagues salary-wise. He's off the roster, so he don't get pizzaid.

The article i read about this eluded that Grandmaster Skip "will pass on any deals for this week and take some time off to collect himself after being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday." This tough breakup has left Skippy with a shattered psyche?

So maybe on Monday/Tuesday after he pulls himself out of the gutter, we'll be hearing about Skippy's new digs?

Unknown said...

He was franchised so he does in fact get paid regardless. If he goes to another team and signs for less the Steelers are on the hook for the difference.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I thought if a team picked him up on waivers they'd be on the hook for the salary.

But since he cleared waivers, the Steelers are still on the hook for his salary this year and he can sign a deal for whatever he wants with another team (which of course they will pay).

Unknown said...

I don't think its a big FU to the Steelers as much as it is Skippy wanting to go on a much-missed bender. Why sign a contract and kick this weekend when he get get sh*t faced, piss in public, beat up a paper towel dispenser, put his dukes up for a cop? The best part is that he doesn't have to hear about it from anyone.

Bottoms up, Skip!