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Breaking News: People Are Complaining About Sidney Crosby

Deadspin fired a few shots this morning at Sidney Crosby in the aftermath of last night's Penguin victory over the NY Rangers, asking this question: "Does Crosby get away with things that other players, even stars like Alexander Ovechkin, can't?"

As long as Crosby's been around (and as long as he will be around), people will bring this up. It's a tired argument, and one that happens to all major stars in all sports. Does Kobe get the calls? Does Lebron? Or Brady? Or Manning? Did Jordan?

It's a time-tested mix of nine parts Haterade tossed in with one part actual reality, I'm sure. Of course the elite of the elite players get the benefit of the doubt from some officials. But the fact of the matter is that no one's buying a ticket to watch Brandon Dubinsky or Curtis Painter or Eddie House. This is not breaking news, despite the title of this post.

Rules are rules, but they're always open to interpretation. And as long as humans are officiating pro sports, questions like these are going to arise. I'd actually take it as a compliment. In fact, I wish the NFL would treat Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison with the kid gloves they get accused of wearing when handling the Bradys and Mannings of the league.

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Borsk said...

Haters gonna hate. Callahan initiated the contact, Crosby threw him down. I thought Crosby was a baby whiner...yet...he's consistently out-muscling players on a nightly basis.

Bababooey said...

Why is this even news???

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Yup, Sid got away with a trip.

This guy gets punched in face during every scrum. Crosschecked in the spine and slashed every time he has the puck. So he trips a guy and it goes uncalled?

Later in the game, after Saint Sean Avery tried to bury him from behind, Sid protected himself from a potential slewfoot by Avery and got called for tripping. So there ya go.

Douchebinsky is always whining, but like I told my friends, he is the Rags leading scorer and trails Sid by more points than he actually has this season.

Haters gonna hate. Until I see Sid taking 8-10 full strides halfway across the ice and leaving his skates or sticking his leg out to try and injure someone, I'm not buying the dirty player thing.

Steve said...

Dubinsky and Callahan can suck it. Crosby does one questionable thing that every other player normally gets away with anyway and it's the scandal of the year. I wouldn't be surprised to see those two Rangers yentas on The View tomorrow talking about how Crosby also didn’t hold the door for them somewhere. Maybe if Callahan wasn't interfering with Crosby in the first place he would have gotten tripped on his mediocre A. That tripping “slew foot” crap goes on in every game but it only becomes a topic if Crosby is accused of it and NY girls like Dubinsky cry about it. I saw Malkin slew footed 3 times in a game recently and not even the broadcasters thought it worth mentioning. Dubinsky is the same turd who would sue for a neck injury in a car accident “only” if he found out the other driver was rich. People are such pathetic, scumbag, two-faced phucks anymore and I hope Dubinsky falls in front of a bus trying to save Mike Richards.