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Penguins Unveil Winter Classic Jerseys

Another year, another new jersey design for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who rolled out their newest Winter Classic sweater today. The Pens' website has a 16-photo gallery of the fresh duds, with ample shots of a smiling Russian spokesmodel accounting for most of the pics. And no, it's not Maria Sharapova.

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jmarinara said...


What is wrong with Black and Gold?

If they want to do a throw back, they should wear the jerseys they won their first two cups in. Even wear white at home.

Ryan said...

Take your HATE and raise it to WTF WERE THEY THINKING?

Whoever was in charge of coming up with this sweater got lazy.

David Moorehouse can think it's a mash up of old 70's sweaters all he wants, but in the end in looks like vomit.

I don't mind the 2k8 WC blues, if worn sporadically (and by sporadically I mean no more than 4 or 5 times a year).

I agree with what someone else said on Pensblog, why not take the point to wear black and gold at Heinz Field and really reinforce the bond this city's sports franchises (yes even the Pirates) share.

No offense to any original Pens fans, but they never won jack in the blues.

Stick to what wins, black and gold!

dave said...

People are gonna complain and its pretty much all the pensblog's fault. I get that they're mad b/c the yinzer bandwagon jumpers bought up the original winter classic baby blues, but now all those yinzers read thepensblog so you get dumb comments like the ones above. "oh waah how could they not wear black and gold in heinz field???" maybe because they dropped that shade of gold 10 years ago and don't wanna use Lemieux throwbacks for sid's team. Everyone needs to calm down, many of the same people complaining today will own one of these by new year's.

Steve said...

@ rjj130, I agree. The Pens and Steelers in black and gold and dress the Pirates in blue. Save the black and gold for winners only.

Steve said...

@ Dave, It's ugly, period. Don't care what color it is, it's a badly designed jersey and I wouldn't buy an '84 version either. At least the last WC jersey looked good.

The Abiding Dude said...

Obviously in the minority, so far, here...but hate, Hate, HATED the blue ones from 08, but think these ones are pretty sharp. I dunno, think they look pretty good? Although I expect to hate em' once every Yinzer gets their hands on one.

Ryan said...

@dave I wouldn't put all the blame on the Pensblog.

As a fan, I got sick and tired of seeing the constant blue shoved down my throat by the organization.

Walking into the Igloo, blue signs. In Pens Station, tons of blue gear. It's not what the Penguins are.

Again as I stated, the era of blue for this team yielded nothing but Mario Lemieux.

Your comment about this is Sid's team and not Lemieux's is weak. No matter how much everyone wants this to be Sid's team it will always first and foremost be Lemieux's, Sid's second.

My only argument is that black and gold (no matter the variation of) means winning in this city, use it...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

They were wearing black and gold for about 5 years before Lemieux was drafted rjj130.

I like these better than the actual throwbacks they've been wearing the last few years. If that makes me uncool, oh well.

Nate said...

"My only argument is that black and gold (no matter the variation of) means winning in this city, use it... "

Cause the Pirates have been totally dominant for the past 18 years...

I don't know how I feel about these sweaters. I like that they're using the old Pens logo with the scarf - I've always liked that one. I like the numbering and lettering. But the excessive amount of, seems kinda like those cartoony old Astros jerseys, and I always hated those.

AJ said...

I think the jersey is hideous. It's not a matter of black/gold vs. blue for me it's more a matter of that being a terrible design.

Dig the scarf logo, hate the stripes.

Not often the Pens totally screw the pooch, but this jersey is a fail.

Rege said...

Vomit. If they were going to use that color scheme, why not the Diagonal PITTSBURGH? I wanted the Mustard 80's Jersey.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

We all knew they were going to use 60s/70s blue (or some variation of it), so I don't know why anyone got their hopes up for 80s/early 90s style black and gold.

I was surprised that the new jerseys are a mish-mash of 60s and 70s style jerseys, instead of just a straight throwback.

I would rather them not have the excessive light blue stripes, but I still might get one.

BTW, even if you don't like the jerseys themselves, the other merch (t shirts, hats, etc) done in this style is actually pretty good.