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Great News! The McRib Returns November 2

Excuse me for the occasional venture outside of our Pittsburgh sports bubble for a moment, but I must share my joy over the news that McDonald's is bringing back the McRib on November. This transcends Pittsburgh, and it transcends sports.

That's right, the pseudo-pork-boneless-rib-style sandwich, slathered in BBQ sauce, pickles, and onions, will be available at over 14,000 McDonald's for a span of six weeks. You can virtually guarantee that Nerd vs. Food will be there on opening day to cover the local action.

For your afternoon sports fix, I've got a fun top 10 list to share, so check back in a bit and I'll have that posted. 

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


tola'at sfarim said...

funny thing

mondesishouse said...

What a hilarious/scary quote in that article: "You don't know when it will appear. It's the girl who you are in love with who has always been a tease to you."

Borsk said...

AJ said...

Honestly, there are two McDonalds specialties that I never seemed to enjoy but everybody else loves. One is the McRib, the other is the Shamrock Shake.

I'll stick to my unbridled love for the McGriddle.

Dom Errico said...

I think I had a McRib once, but I was always too hungry to settle ofr the McRib. I needed more food like a 20 piece McNuggets or a Double Quarter Pounder.

jmarinara said...

Dear God!

How to find Niche Debate said...

I am just another ignorant South African that are having some fun with the McRib and really trying to understand the buzz about the McRib. I am sure many others do too.
Please educate us by visiting my blog and leaving some comments.
Much appreciated.