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Anyone for New Terrible Towel/Steeler Fan Pics? And Some Steeler Links

I'm sitting on a small pile of Steeler fan pics and other assorted goodies in the old inbox, and since I haven't posted any in a while, consider this a call to submit yours if you've got a fresh one lying around that you'd like to share ( The more, the merrier.

While you're here, a few Steeler links to share:

The STEELERS voted to decertify the union on Tuesday [WTAE]

The Steelers are glad to see RANDY MOSS go to Minnesota, especially since they're playing New England later this season. [USA Today]

Seven questions about BIG BEN [ESPN AFC North]

Former Steeler SUNNY HARRIS gets snagged by the Buffalo Bills... []

...bust draft pick BRUCE DAVIS goes to the Raiders... []

...and former Steeler S TYRONE CARTER joined the San Diego Chargers [PFW]

*Pic from reader Jim C. of Florida

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):

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