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Troy Polamalu's Hair Insured for a Million Dollars

Ever wonder what Troy Polamalu's hair was actually worth? Wonder no more, thanks to a new insurance policy taken out by Head and Shoulders shampoo on their spokesman.

The shampoo-peddlers took out a $1 million Lloyd's of London insurance policy on the future Hall of Famer's hair, although terms of what was needed for them to collect were not made public. The only known attempt by an NFL player to pull the famous locks was made by Kansas City's Larry Johnson in a 2006 game when Polamalu was running back an intercepted pass, but his hair survived the incident. 

Although it sounds ridiculous, the idea of the celebrity-insured body part is by no means a new one. As this list points out, there is a price for the tools of the game, whatever that game may be. For instance, Heidi Klum's legs are insured for $2.2 million, Jennifer Lopez's butt is insured for $27 million, and Rod Stewart's voice is insured for $6 million. 

Wondering about one celebrity feature that's not insured?

I'm going to guess this guy's hair.

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