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Steelers Sign FB Dwayne Wright

The Steelers finally signed an honest-to-goodness fullback today...

...and his name is Dwayne Wright, a name which I misspelled as 'Dwyane' twice in my first draft due to countless Dwyane Wade references over the years.

Wright, 6'0", 234 pounds, and 27 years of age, was originally chosen in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by Buffalo. He played in 15 games that season, touching the ball a total of 29 times, but his pro career has been spotty since then. Wright was released from Buffalo's camp in 2008 and the Giants' in 2009, and was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles on August 1.

To free up a roster spot, the Steelers cut ties with Demetrius Taylor, a defensive tackle at Virginia Tech who was experimentally being used in the fullback spot with the Steelers. Taylor was the only listed fullback on the Steelers' roster.


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Bring back Kreider! haha