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Meet the Pittsburgh Power

More details have been released on Pittsburgh's 2011 entry into Arena Football, including ownership details, a name, logo, and website.

The Pittsburgh Power franchise ( was introduced to the world at a press conference this morning. The Power ownership group is led by Matt Shaner, CEO of Shaner Investments, which owns the Marriott City Center across from Consol Energy Center. The group also includes Steeler Hall of Fame WR Lynn Swann. 
The Power, which will play home games at the Consol Center starting in 2011, is expected to name coaches within three weeks. They are also looking for players  (contract them at and the obligatory dance team.The Power joins Kansas City, San Jose, and Philadelphia as a part of the largest single-season expansion in AFL history.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


jmarinara said...

How much coverage can we expect of this on MH, or 93.7 The Yinzer?

Do they have a TV or Radio deal in place?

Who cares?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Unknown said...

Horrible name...but that's to be expected in Arena football.
Shoulda went with Pittsburgh Iron (or Arn)....

AJ said...

I'm going to stick to my personal rule that doesn't allow me to follow any team named after an abstract noun.

Chip said...

Yeah, that name sucks. But I guess playing at Consol Energy Center makes the name Power logical. At least it wasn't Iron or Furnace or some other lame steel reference. We haven't been in the steel industry for 30 years.

Should've went with something more suited to our current economy: The Pittsburgh Scalpels.

AJ said...

or the Pittsburgh Pension

dice said...

I'm actually lookin forward to arena football. As long as the prices are decent i'll probably check them out. The name def could've been better.

I think they should've had the public vote on 5 different names. I'm goin with the Pittsburgh Punishers

Dom Errico said...

The AFL already had the Milwaukee Iron, so I don't think Pittsburgh could have gone with Iron as well or even Ironmen.

I've been the PA announcer for the Indoor football team up in Erie for the past three years. Give these guys a chance.

Hopefully I can transition my role to work for the Power. Even if I don't get the gig I'll be following this team.

Anonymous said...

I've been hoping for an arena football league team for quite a while now, so this is great news. I think they really have a chance to succeed in Pittsburgh, if marketed correctly.

My only gripe is the name Pittsburgh Power. I was hoping if we got a team that they'd name it the Pittsburgh Punishers.

Unknown said...

here comes the "power nation" of arena football fans...if a team EVER showed up with a good defense in arena ball, i think they would win every game.

Paul Rupp said...

... just one more thing to beat Cleveland at