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Jock Sanders Talking Very Tough

The PG's Paul Zeise recently scored these inflammatory comments from WVU wide receiver Jock Sanders, who isn't totally on board with the Pitt Panthers' status as the Big East team to beat in 2010. Read and file away for a future date:

One person who did not endorse the results of the poll is West Virginia slotback Jock Sanders, who said the Panthers -- along with every other team -- should be behind the Mountaineers, given how things unfolded last year.

"The crazy thing about it to me is, Pitt got everybody back and we got everybody back and we beat Pitt -- so those polls to me don't really mean anything," Sanders said.

"Hands down [we're the best team in the Big East], and we'll show that this year. It is all about politics. For Pitt to get all those [first-place] votes and we got just as much back as them, it is crazy, but, like I said before, at the end of the year after we play them, they'll regret [being the favorites]. They'll regret it all."
My reaction? I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Sports have become too friendly, and I can't get enough of the pure dislike that these teams have for each other.

What's this kid supposed to say? He thinks Pitt should be the favorites, when his team beat the Panthers last year? You might as well pack it in before the season even starts if that's going to be the attitude of the players.
I'm all for respecting the opponent, but that being said, I'll take honesty over Lou Holtz-style praise for a tomato can any day of the week. Besides, big talk like this will make it all the sweeter when Pitt beats the Mountaineers at Heinz Field on November 26, right?


Unknown said...

the kid is named after an article clothing meant to support testicles, and he goes to WVU, why should we listen??

Unknown said...

the kid is named after a piece of clothing meant to support to testicles and he goes to we care what he says??

JW said...

So does this mean that according to "Jock" reasoning Pitt actually had the better team with their 13-9 win? I thought everyone said it was a fluke?

JRW said...

I love this. Pitt fans will continue to cry about PSU not playing them while they wont even get past WVU at the end of the year. How many years has the "Wannstache" let you people down now?

Ken said...

I love the attitude. I hope Panther players would say the same things about hating WVU.

That being said:
Backyard Brawl in the Jock Sanders era:
- Pitt 2, WVU 1
- Sanders's stats (3 games)- 13 touches (Rush/Rec/Ret) for 86 yards
- Dion Lewis (1 game)- 28 for 169 yards

Looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend!

jack said...

Last time I checked WVU has 2 BCS bowl victories. Pitt has 1 BCS bowl appearance and got embarrassed.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, jack. Remind us again: what does that have to do with Pitt v. WVU??

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Haha, JRW, you DO know that those WVU teams that Pitt "couldn't even get past" (and the ones Pitt did get past) at the end of the season would have absolutely wiped the floor with Penn State!

I hate WVU, but even I admit that @least DickRod's last 3 teams would've blown the 'nitters out... ya know, if PSU had the sack to play them.

jmarinara said...

Remember guys, it's all about politics. . . whatever that means.

Hey Jock, see you at our house on Black Friday. Bring a lunch.

Anonymous said...

Get over it Pitt. we'll never forget that loss in 2007, but it doesn't mean we have to go back to it, like some dumb comeback that everyone's heard. You had your day of glory. Pitt has a very good football team this year, and they should be the favorites, but please don't talk about WVU like we're the Cleveland Browns here. We could go undefeated in the conference, just as easily as you guys could. And, if you guys want to talk about us like the Browns, remember our Steelers lost to the Browns as well. I look forward to Black Friday. It's gonna be a gritty game for both teams.

jmarinara said...

Cleveland Browns, zero super bowls

West Virginia Mountaineers, zero national championships

Pittsburgh Steelers, 6 Super Bowls

Pittsburgh Panthers, 9 National Championships

Enough Said.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I will believe the hype about Pitt when I see it.

I am accustomed to the disappointment and yearly let downs.

Sanders can say what he wants, it seems like every player in every sport is sounding off and running their mouths in every type of social media these days.

That is why they play the games, to settle these scores. Pitt and WVU is a great rivalry, it was lopsided there for a while, sure. Pitt has started to turn things around, but they have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

I think PSU could have taken WVU in 2005. 2006 and 2007 we would have been big underdogs. I don't understand why PSU gets ripped for not playing WVU though. Our OOC schedule isn't strong but it's about an average BCS OOC schedule.

I wish we played Pitt cause there's an obvious in-state rivalry there, but I don't really feel the same way with WVU.

Also, please don't compare Pitt to the Steelers. You have 1 real national championship and 0 top 10 finishes in the past 25 years. I'm sure that victory in 2007 was but you haven't had a better record Big East record than WVU since 2001, lot of ties though. The Steelers on the other hand have dominated the Browns for 20 years and for most of the past 40.

jmarinara said...

Obviously teams like Alabama, Florida, Texas, Ohio State, etc. with their rich histories, followings, and multiple National Championships are more like the "steelers of college football" than Pitt.


But I think it's safe to say that WVU is a lot closer to the Browns than to the Steelers to make comparisons. We may only have 1 "real" nation championship (*rolls eyes*) but WVU has zero.

Truthfully, I think WVU is a lot more like the Cincinnati Bengals than the Browns. Lots of hype, obnoxious fans, sleek style, offense oriented, and giant chokers when it counts. (*ahem* 13-9 *ahem*)

I don't think that Pitt legitimately has 9 national titles, but they do legitimately have at least 7. There were a number of years when they were HANDS DOWN, the best team in college football.

jmarinara said...

BwBW, I agree with you. Pitt needs to do it's talking on the field. And so far, that looks like what they intend to do.

We'll find out everything we need to know Black Friday.

JW said...

Did Jock have anything to say about the five major violations that the NCAA accused WVU of committing?

jack said...

Those violations are a joke. Every team has managers do things like that. Lets just throw ppl through glass doors and not suspend him any games like pitt. That seems like then justice would be served.

jmarinara said...

Right Jack. Of course the mountaineers wouldn't know anything about misbehavior, now would they? Pac-Man Jones and Chris Henry went to Pitt after all.

Oh . . . wait a minute.

Well, of course it's the Pitt fans throwing things at opposing team players and fans.

Oh. . . wait a minute.

Well, regardless, it is Pitt that has a nasty reputation for being nasty, crude, and out of control.

Oh. . . wait a minute.

JW said...

If every team is doing it, you have to be a real bunch of idiots to get caught then...

gamedayclassics said...

The team that is getting ripped is the Cincy Bearcats in the national poll. They have been 33-7 the last 3 years. They have swept Pitt and WVU the last 2 years. They were 12-1 and 4th in the country last year scoring 38 points a game and was 3-1 against top 25 teams. They have a QB that played 4 games last year and passed for 1,200 yds and a new coach that won the MAC 2 years in a row. How can these 2 teams be ranked ahead of them with new QB's?