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The Terrell Owens Era is Off to a Great Start

Terrell Owens had 55 catches for 829 yards last season, he's going to be 37 years old, he's known for his dropped passes, he owns no Super Bowl rings, and he's blown up virtually every locker room he's ever been a part of. Yet for some reason, his addition to the Cincinnati Bengals' roster has been celebrated only slightly less than the arrival of LeBron James and Chris Bosh in Miami.

Fans with blinders on drool at the Bengals' receiving pool of Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, Matt Jones, Jordan Shipley, and Owens as a Madden game come to life. In reality, it should be looked at as one segment of arguably the league's most combustible locker room, as a quick glance at the roster would corroborate. 

Troublemakers off the field (Pacman Jones, Matt Jones, Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Rey Maualuga), high-maintenance personalities on the field (Bryant, Owens, Ochocinco), and a coach in the final year of his contract (Marvin Lewis) add up to a recipe for disaster for a franchise that last won a playoff game in 1991. When the Pittsburgh Pirates have won a postseason contest more recently than you, that's a sign that your franchise has seen better days.

Thankfully (and I do mean thankfully), this hodgepodge of wayward football players resides in the AFC North, with their imminent self-destruction so close to our viewing area that you'll be able to feel it when it happens. Step One in this process came today, when Mr. Owens started off his Bengal Era by missing his flight to Cincinnati and Bengal physical this morning. The contract signing was scrapped, the introductory news conference was scrapped, all the Bengals' plans for the day were turned upside-down.

In the grand scheme of things, the missed flight is not a big deal. In fact, I'd say it was somewhat expected, for this attention addict to create a more dramatic entrance. But that's what the Bengals get with Terrell Owens. Another sideshow under a big top masquerading as a pro football team. 

We should all heed Owens' advice and get our popcorn ready soon. Watching this team come apart at the seams is going to be must-see TV for this Steeler fan.


BurressWithButterflywings said...

That list of players is like a usual suspects round up.

As a side note; people jumped all over the NHL for their inconsistent disciplinary system regarding on-ice incidents.Goodell is an even worse offender of this given that it is now all-but-official that Vince Young won't be suspended despite video evidence of him committing assault.

I am not implying that Ben shouldn't have gotten a suspension, I am saying the length was overkill considering that guys who have actually been charged, arrested, and/or pled guilty aren't even getting a game.

P.O. said...

they're the real life "Mean Machine"... felonies and all!!

Unknown said...

The Bengals should have known better. TO and his handlers are always in control of TO. Sorry, Cincinnati.

Maybe they can just tape everything and broadcast it as if it were live. I'm sure WXDX and Mark Madden could show them a thing or two about that!

Dom Errico said...

I totally agree that Goodell has been less than equal with his punishments.

JD said...

Am I the only excited to see what kind of TD dance TO, and The Ocho come up know while finishing 6-10

Unknown said...

@ JD: TO and Ocho could do some Blades of Glory type things...that'd be sweet.

@ Burress: much agreed. In fact, if conduct embarrassing to the league is the reason for Ben's suspension--not criminal charges--shouldn't 7 Kids Cromartie have to sit down? Talk about an embarassment to the league. Maybe a game for each baby out of wedlock.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Yeah, but Cromartie is a Jet now and Goodell isn't going to suspend anybody from the team who gave him his start. Especially not now that there a Half Way House..... err AFC contender. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Cromartie not using condoms is definitely equivalent to Ben sexually assaulting multiple women.

Dame said...

I don’t want to get into the whole “He wasn’t charged so how can he get suspended debate”, which inevitably delves into the “What about people who weren’t convicted of anything and got suspended response”

I will say that getting accused of rape twice in less than two years and having a District Attorney uncharacteristically all but pronounce your guilt in one instance, kinda of trumps a misdemeanor assault charge.

Do we not take in account what somebody is actually accused of, charged with, or eventually sentenced after conviction for?

I find the 4 games fair, and given how heavy handed Goodell had been in cases prior to Ben’s, his punishment could have been much worse.

I’m no fan of the comish, nor the impotence of the Players Union, but you haft to go back to Matt “Ski Slope” Jones to find the last time he acted out of character in his actions.

I wouldn’t have been mad at a 1 game suspension for Vince Young tho

Yes T.O is old and drops balls Yes Ocho Cinco is along with his QB are OVERRATED . And the Bengals gave Antonio (Larry Fitzgerald made everybody forget about me) Bryant how much money??!!?!!


If they all just have good, not great but good seasons, and Cedric Benson didn’t sell his soul to the devil for one good season last year, the Bungles with that D are going to be a problem.