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Free Agency Update: Sergei Gonchar Signs with Ottawa, Zbynek Michalek to Pens

NHL free agency has started with a bang, as D Sergei Gonchar has signed a three-year contract with the Ottawa Senators worth $5.5 million per year, reports The deal includes a no-trade clause and the third year that the Penguins weren't willing to add. Gonchar had 11 goals and 39 assists for the Pens in 2009-10.

Meanwhile, the Penguins acted quickly to fill his void, signing D Zbynek Michalek for four years and $20 million. Michalek was considered one of the more underrated free agent defensemen on the market, but if he's getting $5 million/per and Gonchar's getting only $500,000 a year more, that would indicate the his value is fairly high. Michalek, 27, goes 6'2", 210 pounds, and had 3 goals and 14 assists with Phoenix last season.

On the team's current status, Rob Rossi tweets, "Pens anticipate $7 million, slightly more, in remaining cap space. STILL talking to [Paul] Martin. That would possibly leave room for vet wing." 

Meanwhile, Kevin Allen of USA Today says, "Pens and defenseman Mark Eaton have agreed to see what happens today before discussing whether he will re-sign in Pittsburgh." 

Allen also adds, "Pens are paying $20 million for Michalek over 5 years, and that leaves enough money to go after a winger or another big name defenseman."

The speculation seems to be that their target is New Jersey D Paul Martin, which means the Hamhuis trade was pretty much all for naught. 

And for his remaining fans, Colby Armstrong has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, says TSN's Bob McKenzie.

More as it develops, but here are some additional links to keep tabs on in the meantime:

Rob Rossi [Twitter]

Kevin Allen [Twitter]

Bob McKenzie [Twitter]


okel dokel said...

Michalek's deal is five years for $20 million - a cap hit of 4 million per year.

Hopefully, they can get Martin or Foster to give us another puck handling option to Gologowski.

I like the Michalek signing; Scuderi type and less wear and tear than Volchenkov.

Sorry to see Sarge go, but that price is steep and I honestly do not think he will make it to the 3rd year. The Senators have to eat the salary if he retires and it counts against their cap.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


agreed on all acocunts!

Would LOVE to see Martin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry no link, but following's live free agency blog, and Scott Burnside is reporting that the Pens have signed Paul Martin. Oh happy days!!

okel dokel said...

5 years for 25 million for Martin. TSN said the Pens are rumored to be going after John Madden.

Holy Ray Shero Batman! Was the Hamhuis thing a moderately priced smoke screen?

Anonymous said...

I don't get the interest in Madden, unless they are looking at him to center the 3rd line, and they are planning on moving Staal to a wing with either Crosby or Malkin.