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Ben Roethlisberger didn't do Oprah or Larry King, but he did do sit-downs with Bob Pompeani [video] and Sally Wiggin [video] that were released on Thursday. No dice for Channel 11, though. I guess Team Ben didn't appreciate those Rick Earle remotes from Milledgeville. [KDKA, WTAE]

Nice work by the New York Times iPhone app, which somehow mixed up Ben Roethlisberger with noted lady murderer Joran Van Der Sloot. When it rains, it pours. [Deadspin]

The Washington Nationals completed a three-game sweep of the Pirates, beating the Buccos by a final of 4-2 on Thursday night. The Nationals became the last team in the Majors to sweep a series in 2010, another notch in the Pirates' belt of ineptitude. 

Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham both homered in the fourth off of Zach Duke, who allowed three runs and eight hits over five innings. Once again, the Pirate lineup was the equivalent of rubbing two wet sticks together and hoping for a spark, as no player in the lineup had more than one hit and they generated only two runs on the evening against Livan Hernandez.

The good news is that the few players who are hitting are the ones ID'd as the future of the team, namely Jose Tabata, Neil Walker, and Andrew McCutchen. But even that trifecta hasn't been able to help the Pirates win a game since last Saturday's 6-3 W against San Francisco.

Friday night marks the Pirates' start of interleague play, normally the time of the year when they officially drop off the face of the earth. Their first test comes in the form of Jim Leyland's Detroit Tigers, who hopefully won't throw any near-perfect games over the weekend. It's Justin Verlander (3.65, 4-4) vs. Paul Maholm (3.80, 4-4) kicking things off on Friday night at Comerica Park, with a 7:05 start. [ESPN]

Stephen Strasburg is already going to the Hall of Fame. Well, not technically, but at least his game-used memorabilia from his first start against the Pirates is, in the form of a ball and hat. [ESPN]

17 Pittsburgh Steelers rookies visited another Hall of Fame recently, that being the football Hall in Canton. They were wowed by the history of the sport, and took in plenty of info about their new employer, which happens to be quite an important piece of the NFL's puzzle of legends. [Pro Football HOF]

The Pitt Panthers will be once again facing a tough schedule in the upcoming basketball season, as it was announced on Wednesday that they will be playing Tennessee in the DirecTV SEC/Big East Invitational Decemeber 11 at the Consol Energy Center. They will also take part in the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic at Madison Square Garden in November, with games against two teams from the group of Illinois, Maryland and Texas. [PG]

John Steigerwald recounts his up-close experience with the Stanley Cup, which was sitting on his parents' dining room table in 1992. [Just Watch the Game]

Two photos from the last Cup game to share: #1 was submitted by several readers, and I simply had to pass it along. #2 was sent in to me in my role as "the unofficial collector of misplaced Pittsburgh sports apparel":
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Unknown said...


I know Superman: you sir are not worthy to mention him in your interviews.

Lex Luthor

Anonymous said...

so, Ben uses his "bodyguards" for lawn care service, dry cleaning, tree pruning and dog kennels.

JeremyT said...

Please! More pictures of Crier fans doing their duty: crying. I swear to God, I have watched the OT period from game 6 and the Cup presentation 6 times already. The anguish and booing gets more and more delicious every time I see it. Watching Crier dreams wither and die on the vine is priceless.

As far as Ben goes, I'd hope he is smart enough to never have a sip of alcohol in a public place ever again, as it seems that combination is involved in every accusation and/or negative story about him.

JeremyT said...

Actually, maybe the dude just needs to never drink alcohol again, ever, anywhere. Just a thought.

okel dokel said...

Great to see that the Succos are in last place. Before long they will pass the Orioles as the worst team in baseball...statistically.

Thank God Ben did a "sit down." Worst thing one can do IMO. It keeps you in the spotlight and one can never answer the questions sufficiently enough.

Hopefully he can stay out of trouble but I am not counting on it and neither should the Steelers.

Cool Hand Nuke said...

Kudos to Bob Pomps for obeying the rules of the house by taking off his shoes.

SantoGold said...

It's Sunday evening, does anyone know where our Mondesi is? I keeping checking this site since Thursday and its been that same picture of Ben looking like he trying to pinch a loaf.