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Much to the chagrin of some MH readers, the Sporting News has named Dion Lewis as one of their five leading candidates for the 2010 Heisman Trophy. In their praise of Lewis, the magazine called the sophomore-to-be "the game's most complete runner". Lewis was named as one of two first-team preseason All-Americans at running back, alongside Alabama's Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner.

Lewis was one of four Panthers to make the cut of The Sporting News' various preseason All-American teams, with senior offensive tackle Jason Pinkston (first team), senior defensive end Greg Romeus (second team) and junior receiver Jonathan Baldwin (third team) also getting early recognition.

The magazine definitely has ample love for the Panthers as a team, picking them to win the Big East and play in a BCS bowl this season. They've pegged Pitt at #19 entering the 2010 campaign.

Regardless of preseason honors, Pitt definitely has some question marks on both sides of the ball going into the summer. Nonetheless, a little recognition here and there is a nice touch for the program and should serve as a little bit of motivation as to what this team is capable of achieving in 2010.

Sporting News calls Dion Lewis "game's most complete runner" []

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Adam's gonna be furious!!

As for me, I'll save my breath.

Preseason talk is just that, talk. I'll wait for the games, and hopefully when they come, Dion will earn his place in the Heisman conversation.

Adam said...

Paper candidate.

When the chip's are down, no one is going to be talking about Dion seriously unless he's over 2K by December.

I've said many times how brilliant I think the guy is, but he's on the wrong team in the wrong conference at the wrong time.

Pitt could win 11 games and it wouldn't matter. It's about the NC unless you're name is Tim Tebow and you're putting up video game numbers on a more average team.

That, and everyone seems to be writing off just how great his line was last year and how...not great it could be this year.

Adam said...

And I don't say that because I'm a Penn State fan. It's a reality both of our schools have had to live with over the years.

7 1/2 years later is there really a compelling argument for Carson Palmer over Larry Johnson two pros who've underachieved, and are known more for #s than wins? Jason White over Larry Fitzgerald?

Winning the Heisman unless you're a media darling the the NC race is like winning the lottery. You can think you have a chance all you want...but you don't.

The truth is that Evan Royster and Dion Lewis could have 2,500 yards at the end of September, and some kid named Pryor is still going to have people arguing for him if the Buckeyes are undefeated. Is it fair? Not really. But that's the way it is.

JW said...

Adam I do actually agree with everything you said.

But Evan Royster is mediocre. Don't put him in same conversation.

BURGH08 said...

To me it's not about his chances of winning the Heisman, which is probably the most overrated topic in sports.

It's about being mentioned for consideration, which is good publicity for the program that publications think it may have one of the top players in the country.

Personally I'll take anything close to his production last season, which may be asking for much considering the replacements needed for the line, greater expectations, and Lord help me for saying this-replacing Billy Stull.

Adam said...

@ JW

Evan Royster is well above average. His biggest problem is that he doesn't have the lateral running style that might have helped him last year with an inferior offensive line. He's all north and south, and when the holes weren't there, it hurt him. I think you'll see Lewis run into similar problems this year behind a greener line, though with his quickness he'll probably be able to adjust easier.

JW said...

And Lewis does, indeed, have the lateral agility to allow plays to develop. With him it's not just quickness but an understanding of how to make the most of each run. Turn on the jets when he has to, or be able to see and allow the blocking to develop downfield/

Maybe my criticism of Royster is more an indictment of what seems to be the stereotypical PSU RB--like you said, strong north/south, dependent upon his blocking, does not often "break" for the crucial TD run when needed.

Adam said...

We'll find out what kind of runner he is this year. If you watched Ohio State/Iowa it wasn't just Royster that struggled behind that line, it was everyone. With the musical chairs that went on in spring practice on the line, I wouldn't be surprised if this one is bad, too, but there's theoretically more experience, which should mean better results.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Adam is certainly correct on many accounts. It's more about who you play for and not always what you do.

I do think the preseason hype is nice for a guy like Lewis, who will need to be in the race from the outset, to get any real consideration IF his performance is up to snuff when voting begins.

The bottom line is that Lewis can play ball, but he has to do it again this year to be more than a preseason contender. He certainly has the tools.

Also, Evan Royster is a very solid every down back and is good coming out of the backfield and catching the ball as well.

NickDawg said...

Adam - put that in your pipe and smoke it..Royster cant even be mentioned in the same sentance as Lewis... Not now or at the end of the season....PERIOD!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I remember when the PSUers used to try and tell us that Royster was better than Shady.

Now he's starting for the Philadelphia Eagles, and we have Dion Lewis tearing it up in the blue and gold, and the nitters are STILL trying to interject Roysters name in the RB conversation.

Nobody cares about Evan Royster!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Ummm... and all candidates for any award are "paper candidates".

Awards are almost EXCLUSIVELY decided on paper Adam, that's how they work.

The only tangible is what happens on the field.

Adam said...

@ NickDawg, Lipps

You're the kind of people that almost force people to hate Pitt. You have the depth of pie pans. The original point had nothing to do with Lewis vs. Royster. It was Royster and Lewis, both very good football players, vs. Terelle Pryor, more hype than substance.

As far as Shady goes, color me unimpressed. A real college football fan doesn't talk about the pros. It's about winning games while you're there. Royster has a Big Ten title, and Shady scored 0 points against Oregon State in the Sun Bowl.

NickDawg said...

Adam - you are the one who brought up Royster had to since there was no mention of just couldnt help yourself you sick little boy...and NO one from Pitt wants you to like PITT, beleive me...hate them all you want

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have concluded over time that Adam has a very tiny penis.

Adam said...

Because I think Evan Royster is a good football player. Ok.

I can't wait to see you people when Pitt pulls the Cincinnati this year. It's gonna be awesome.

BURGH08 said...

Pitt could be in a BCS, or not be bowl eligible next season.

The only 'awesome' prediction is what most folks think of Adam, and he is the last to comprehend it.