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During the Pens' 6-3 win over Montreal last night, Jordan Staal injured his right leg after an undercut by P.K. Subban near the midpoint of the second period and did not return. And early word is that the news is not good on the team's third-leading regular season scorer, who already underwent surgery on Friday night to repair a severed tendon that runs across the top of his foot to his toe.

Reports vary on the length of time that Staal will be out; coach Dan Bylsma told reporters at the morning skate on Saturday that Staal was day-to-day, TSN's Bob McKenzie says Staal could be back in the third round, if not sooner, and other reports have him missing the rest of the postseason. Basically, it looks like the hockey media doesn't honestly have any clue as to the length of the injury and is changing their story on a regular basis.

Whatever the case, the guy is obviously hurt on some level, and that's going to make life a little tougher for the Pens, as you would expect when losing a Selke Trophy nominee for an undetermined length of time. It's now in the hands of Bylsma to re-assemble the celebrated third line, which is also dealing with a leg injury to Tyler Kennedy, and that's no small task.

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Unknown said...

I was just about to say the exact same thing.

JeremyT said...

I will now translate the first comment into Philadelphianese:

"This is what you Shittsburgh fans and Gary Bettman get for rigging it so the Pens always beat us because of a bunch of bad and non-calls. Cindy Crysby sucks!"

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

To translate JeremyTs statement:


Stall will be missed greatly. I hope that he can make it back by next round because he is every bit as valuable to the pens' success as Sid, Geno, or MAF.

JeremyT said...


Hilarious! Making fun of the Criers never gets old. Just think, Sid is only 22. We get at last 15 more years of mashing on them! Over/under on how many years it take them to stop chanting "Crosby sucks?" I've got the over on 15.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Well, you did come on to a Pittsburgh website cryin.

Chant Crosby sucks all you want, because our 1975 chant is better.

If "mashing on them" consists of a 1-4-1 record for your team. Then, by all means, mash away sir... mash away.

JeremyT said...


What part of making fun of the Criers did you not understand? Do you even realize that I was mocking Crier fans who make excuses for losing to the team (Pittsburgh) I've been rooting for since the late 1980's? I AM A PENS FAN, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!