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The Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators meet for Game Two tonight, and all eyes will be on Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury after his overwhelming performance in the series' first game. But as the PG points out, "In his first three postseason runs as the Penguins' go-to goalie, Fleury allowed four or more goals 10 times. He is 8-2 in the game that followed, with two shutouts and two one-goal efforts. He also allowed two goals in four of those games, and three in the other two."

Carl Prine of the Trib has been doing some serious work chasing down details on the Ben Roethlisberger case, and his latest confrontation came with Pennsylvania State Trooper Ed Joyner, who was cited in the GBI investigative report by three different witnesses as having an alleged role in the incident between quarterback and the accuser:
GBI Agent (Tom) Davis confirmed that Pennsylvania State Police officials contacted agents involving the trooper’s role in the Milledgeville affair.
Reached at his Upper St Clair home before the report became public, Joyner screamed at a reporter, bellowing for him to “get off my property” before he reached the driveway. He refused to identify other members of the entourage from photos supplied to the Trib.
 Zach Duke tries to run his record to 3-0 tonight against opposing pitcher Mike Leake when the Cincinnati Reds invade PNC Park at the unfortunately-scheduled time of 7:05 tonight.

Leake, who bypassed minor-league ball, is the first player to enter the drafted player to do so since Xavier Nady in 2000 and the first pitcher to do so since Jim Abbott in 1989. []

Hines Ward, speaking at North Hills HS yesterday, said he would retire if the Steelers got one more ring (which means he probably isn't going anywhere after this season).

"I don't want to be like Brett Favre," Ward said. "I don't want to be like Old Yeller, when they take you behind the barn and shoot you."[Trib]

Rum Bunter has a great list of the 10 Greatest Stadium Implosions Ever. Call me sappy, but it's still kind of sad to see Three Rivers crumbling down.

Pitt Blather has a compilation of all the way-too-early Top 25 lists for college basketball, and Pitt falls anywhere from 5th-9th. But somehow I'm sure they'll find a way to struggle in the Sweet 16.

And for a much-need laugh after this week...

Sports Pickle has video of the "new Nike Ben Roethlisberger ad"...

And Dave Dameshek scored an interview with Tiger Woods' latest sexual conquest [Funny or Die]

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Steve said...

Ben...enough already!
Pirates...Give me a break.

All I know is the Steelers resigned Willam Friggin Gay. I guess with all the other bad press occupying the media, they thought slipping that in under the radar wouldn't rock the boat much.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@Steve - Calm down there junior. It's just a one year RFA contract. It's not like they committed to him being the CB of the future or anything. He's a decent CB3 and since you feel he doesn't even deserve a spot on the roster... Who would Coach Steve start at CB2 next season?

To imply that william gay isn't good enough to be on the roster is crazy. I'm not saying he's great, i'm saying who's his competition?

Willie Colon & Matt Spaeth also signed their RFA tenders today.

Scott Zigarovich said...

when the steelers are in the playoffs the pens move their games. Why don't the pirates do the same?

Anonymous said...

Scott -

I would guess it comes down to the number of games and timing more than anything. The Pens and Steelers would at most have 3 games that could go head to head in the playoffs. The Pens and Pirates could have a whole bunch more. And the Pirates don't want to be playing a Friday afternoon or a doubleheader. Much easier for the Pens to play a Saturday or Sunday matinee game in January than the Pirates to so several times during the week in April, May, and June.

Steve said...

Meatballs - I was being a little sarcastic but still, his play last season did nothing to show me he deserves a spot on the roster and I won't take the whole Troy being injured as an excuse for his consistently cruddy play. Who would I use at CB2? How about anyone not named William Gay...heck, even you.

Junior? How nice of you sonny! Turned 42 today and I still get compliments.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Last season showed that he wasn't ready to be a starter. & i don't believe it's just the absence of Troy either.

The fact remains: Willie Gay isn't very good, but he's still the 2nd best CB on the steelers roster at this time. Joe Burnett &/or Keenan Lewis might (hopefully!) pass him up this season, but right now... he's 2nd best. Or 2nd least awful if you'd prefer to look at it that way.