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“I am excited to be back on the field and back in the locker room with my teammates. I appreciate all the support I received from the Steelers organization while I dealt with some personal issues at the end of the 2009 season. I have been working diligently and I am focused on the remainder of the offseason in getting myself prepared to have a great 2010 season.” -- Steeler WR Limas Sweed

I've been as critical as anyone on Limas Sweed since he entered the league as a highly-celebrated second-round pick in 2008. But after hearing the rumblings of what may be the root of his struggles (none of which I've ever seen on the record), it sounds like the guy was in need of some help. Hopefully he has found that help and is ready to contribute in a major way in 2010, because if there was ever a time to do it, that time is now.

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Greg said...

Kind of funny with all of the news with Ben & Santonio, that Limas flew under all of our radars, im PRAYING he can get his mind right and make an impact this year, we could use him.

SantoGold said...

Has there been anything announced as to what his personal issues are/were? I remember he had something wrong with his eyes that I thought was addressed. Oh yeah, and stone hands too, but there's no medical cure for that.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I guess it would be dickish for me to ask if Limas dropped the statement, then feigned injury afterwards. So I won't do so.

Get well Limas. Hopefully he can make an impact on the team this year (I don't think he will), but it's more important that a 25 year old kid realizes that he's got a long life ahead of him, regardless of how well he catches a football.

Todd said...

"But after hearing the rumblings of what may be the root of his struggles (none of which I've ever seen on the record), it sounds like the guy was in need of some help. "

You can't set it up like this and not deliver.

Unknown said...

Have they found a cure for petrified Phalanges / Metacarpals?
Otherwise, Sweed is not the answer.
Although, I would rather have 10 Limas Sweeds over one Big Ben anyday. Looking forward to Steelers trading Big Ben.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Steelers have so much blind faith in this guy. Seriously. He must have the same sort of spell on the Rooneys as Kevin Hart and Jeff Clement have on the Nuttings.

If he steps up and shows us all this supposed potential he has, great. Otherwise, there are too many WRs eligible for this draft with comparable or more talent to let his side show go on.

Chad said...

Only in football do we give up on prospects so easy. Sweed has played a limited role in 20 games. How many baseball and hockey players get chance after cahnce. I'd rather give a guy like Sweed every chance to get his career on track then let some other team turn him around.

Steve said...

C'mon Chad admit it, you just wanna people to stop harrasing you for wearing that no. 14 jersey.

It's not too late to stitch O'Donnell on it instead and at least get some kinda respect...maybe.

Anonymous said...

Depression. There were rumors he was checked into Western Psych for a bit. Make all the jokes you want about him being depressed because he sucks, but clinical depression isn't funny.

Hopefully he has his head on straight now and can make an impact this year.

BURGH08 said...

He reportedly had his number changed to 80.


No joke.

AML35 said...

yeah, give the guy a break. Depression can cause many problems including inability to focus or concentrate. It's certainly not time to give up on this guy.