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Last night, Santonio Holmes sent the following message out on Twitter: "Only guy on the plane headed to Pitt from NJ, wearing my green n white. GO JETS!"

Coincidentally (or not), it was reported this morning by WPXI that Holmes was escorted off said plane at Pittsburgh International Airport for what investigators call being a "disruptive passenger." 

No other facts have been released, so we can let our speculation run totally and irresponsibly wild.

My theory? The Twitter message/sentiment of Holmes and the fact that he was on a plane in Pittsburgh was a combustible and toxic combination. Like I keep saying, he's your problem now, Rex Ryan.

KDKA has more info on the incident. So much for my vision of a wild altercation with bitter Steeler fans:

"Holmes was apparently told he had to turn off his iPod, but he refused - at which time he was removed from the flight. After he spoke with officials, he said he understood and was allowed back on the plane."

Santonio not wanting to follow a rule? I find that incredibly hard to believe.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching this kid on Jay Leno a few nights after Super Bowl XLIII and thinking that maybe he has turned the corner and matured into an adult.

After all, he stepped up big in the playoffs, and was talking about starting a sickle cell foundation. It looked as if the run ins with his domestic problems were long behind him, other than the traffic stop where they found the marijuana blunts.

Looks like I was very wrong.

Talent Network News said...
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The Abiding Dude said...

Hines Ward maturity?!?!?! You gotta be kidding me!? This city never ceases to amaze me.
I needed to read something that would make me audibly my hat off to you sir. Well done!

okel dokel said...

It looks like the Jets will soon be joining the Ravens, Patriots, Capitals, Flyers, Browns and Bengals as teams I like to root against.

Between this idiot, Rex Ryan and Bart Scott this team is becoming increasingly loathsome. Not even Revis being on the team can prevent that.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Let me see if I can predict Santonio's future Tweets with the Jets.

"Just bought a handgun at the local pawn shop and not registering it, bitches!"

"Bitches be crowding me at the bar so I pulled out my nine and it's not the nine the ladies wanted to see - hahaha!"

"Cops in New York always messing with former Steeler receivers. Just got picked up for possesssion of an illegal firearm."

"What up Plax! Catching up with an old friend in the pen."

"Talk to you in 1 to 4. Late!"

Unknown said...

I havent been able to copy and paste text correctly since you redisgned the site. Everytime i try to copy then paste an article into my outlook to send to friends, the text gets all messed up when i paste it and unformats

Steve said...

Mike - It's not the site, it's the alcohol.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Wow, way to go abiding dude! You actually got him to delete that post! Haha, i read that earlier & didn't have time to comment. I'm glad someone called him out on that BS.

Does being a jacka$$ on a plane count against the Honorable Goodell's personal conduct (aka - whatever the F he deems wrong) policy?

Unknown said...

is this the same twitter account that was hacked? maybe this wasn't santonio at all, just one of his many alter personalities...

Robert Ullman said...

Brooks Laich stops his car to change somebody's flat tire, while this douchenozzle get booted off a plane for refusing to turn off his iPod. If they could somehow bump the NHL season up a month, I could stop giving shit one about the NFL altogether.