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It's been a while since we've heard anything on the Ben Roethlisberger case, but that changed after this statement was released by the Milledgeville, Georgia police today:

"The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Milledgeville Police Department have completed the file regarding the Roethlisberger investigation. On Tuesday [April 6], the report and all witness statements were turned over to District Attorney Fred Bright for review and appropriate action." 

On Wednesday, Bright's office acknowledged receiving the report, saying that he wouldn't make any comment until he had reviewed it. After the review, Bright will consider whether additional investigation and interviews are necessary, and decide whether criminal charges should be filed. If Bright chooses to pursue the case, his findings would be taken before a grand jury,  which won't be convening until July, in this case. 

Translation: it could be months before charges, if any, are brought against Roethlisberger; if that's the case, the domino effect on the Steelers' season could become very interesting if the QB hears bad news at that time.

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Steve said...
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Steve said...

Actually, It’s the DA’s job to decide if this case merits further action and after examining the report the DA finds there isn’t enough, or no evidence at all for the filing of criminal charges, then it will be known long before July and Roethlisberger’s attorney’s will help see to it. The DA will not simply just sit on it until the Grand Jury convenes before making it known there is no case.

Now, if there is evidence and a case can be made, then we’ll be hearing about it this Summer. Translation: From here on out, the longer it takes to get hear anything back either way about this case, the worse it looks for Ben and the Steelers and the idea of drafting a QB should grow with every day that goes by.