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It was a long day for the Steelers' quarterback, and if you missed any of it, don't fret - it's all been preserved on YouTube.

Fred Bright's 2 p.m. statement announcing Ben will not be charged:

How the Steelers will react to Ben: Marcellus Wiley/Tedy Bruschi, ESPN [video]

Wild day for Ryan Clark - ESPN [video]

Steelers Fed Up With Holmes, Roethlisberger: Chris Mortensen/Hannah Storm, ESPN [video]

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Nigrelli said...
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Nigrelli said...

Any chance he's being ironic with this haircut? Is he making fun of himself or is this just a bad haircut? That's about the worst thing I've ever seen.

Steve said...

Not sure what your definition of ironic is. A choice of hair style can be considered ironic?

expectingrain said...

Any time someone reads an "apology" off a notecard, it looks incredibly fake and most likely written by an attorney. Sounded just like Floyd Landis' "excuse" speech about steroids.

Unknown said...

Ben is doing his best to channel Kenny Powers with that hairdo.