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Ben-a-Palooza is the unfortunate name given to the QB's trip to Georgia, as these TMZ photos would confirm. The party has been a tradition for several years to celebrate Roethlisberger's birthday.

Between the Palooza 500 and Ben's black Devil shirt, it's like I can see into the Pittsburgh underground t-shirt industry's future. [TMZ]

Evgeni Malkin will miss an unknown length of time due to an injury suffered while taking a Kris Letang shot on the lower right leg/foot area yesterday in the Pens' 2-1 win at Tampa.

Thankfully, Sidney Crosby looks like he'll be OK after Steve Downie rode him to the ice less than a minute into the game. March must officially be Cheap Shot Month in the NHL.[PG]

Brady Quinn, shown below annoying Bret Michaels, was dealt to the Denver Broncos this weekend. In return, Cleveland gets fullback Peyton Hillis, a 2011 sixth-round draft pick and a conditional pick in 2012.

To recap, Cleveland traded its second-round selection in 2007 (used to select Kevin Kolb) and its first-round selection in 2008 to Dallas (used to select Felix Jones) for the right to take Quinn. That's some quality general managing. At least things are in good hands at the position now, with Jake "8 touchdowns, 18 picks" Delhomme and Seneca Wallace at the helm. [ESPN]

The Duquesne Dukes (16-15) will be dancing, just not in the dance they'd prefer. Duquesne will be in the CBI Tournament, where they will play at Princeton (20-8) on Wednesday, March 17 at 7:00 p.m. The game will be televised nationally by HDNet. [KDKA]

Brad Lincoln was among six cut by the Pirates today as their roster was trimmed to 53.

Others moving around include Donnie Veal, who will join Lincoln at Class AAA Indianapolis; Pitcher Bryan Morris who is headed to Class A Bradenton; and Catcher Tony Sanchez, and pitchers Virgil Vasquez, Jeff Sues and Justin Thomas, who are going to minor league camp. [PBC Blog]

Larry Foote is "excited to return to Pittsburgh", which sounds to me like he's returning to Pittsburgh. All signs point to a deal being struck today with the 29-year-old ex-Steeler and Lion. [Detroit News]

****UPDATE**** Foote signed a three-year, $9.3 million deal today, per Jason La Canfora of

Rob Pettiti, the former Pitt Panther, has signed with the Carolina Panthers, according to agent Ralph Cindrich. Pettiti split 2009 with the UFL's Florida Tuskers and the Panthers as a replacement for another Pitt product, Jeff Otah. [Ralph Cindrich Twitter]

Lady Gaga is coming to Pittsburgh on September 5, as part of her Monster Ball Tour. She will be playing in the spanking new Consol Energy Center and hopefully will not be wearing this outfit. [Kiss Morning Freak Show]

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Steve said...

"I'm begging. I want to get back to a winner," Foote said after meeting with the Cardinals. "I feel more comfortable with a 3-4 [defense]. Pittsburgh wants me back but I want to be a Cardinal and hopefully we can get it done.

"First of all, they're winning. I know 'Whiz'. I know his pedigree, what type of coach he is, the talent they have here. They have a good chance of going back to the Super Bowl."

Yup, he sounds excited to be in Pittsburgh alright. The kinda excitement one would expect after being picked up by the team you wanted to leave 2 years ago because they were the only ones who would take you back. I bet he's thrilled.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


Thank you for being the only person to point out Downie's cheapshot.

The PG, Trib, ESPN, and PuckDaddy all completely brushed it aside and/or played it off as an accidental leg tangling.

I find it rather hypocritical of the local media, who was SO critical of Matt Cooke's actions, to have overlooked the Downie play entirely. Sid no longer had the puck, Downie's wraps one leg around Sid's and uses the other as a forceful takedown to nearly snap his knee in half.

JeremyT said...

Downie went after Sid's knee like he was trying to knock Daniel-San out of a major karate tourney. Damn Cobra-Kai.

Seriously, both he and Cooke (and Richards) should be/have been suspended. The bullshit has to stop, and the Pens have a lot more to gain from hooliganism being enforced out of the game than most teams do, simply bc of the fact that we have more star-caliber players that could serve as major cheap-shot targets than most do.

the nigerian nightmare said...

I can't believe Sid wasn't seriously injured there. He's made of rubber.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

in the words of ivan draggo:
"It's like he's made of iron"

Steve said...

Because of Cooke, everytime someone complains about the inappropriate treatment of our star players, they'll be considered whiners. The worst thing the NHL could have done to the Penguins was not suspend Cooke and you see it in their guilty, half-hearted play and how other teams are now allowed to take liberties with them.

Tekulve was made of rubber, Sid is made of back bacon and maple syrup.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, the Lightning's blog (Hockey Bay Blog) of all people also complained about the hit!

God I hate Lady Gaga. Every few years a musical artist comes along whose popularity makes me lose faith in people just a little big more.

Dan Claycomb said...

The most recent post on Puck Daddy rips the hit a little harder than the first post.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am sure if it was his BFF Ovie, he would have lead an angry mob to tar and feather Downie.

The Local Media has always disgusted me, but the fact that none of them make any mention of this BS irks me. Ryan Clark was right, they are a bunch of turds.

Downie once slashed a ref in juniors. I couldn't even make that up.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Downie cross checking a teammate in the face and knocking teeth out because the player wouldn't participate in hazing. Even the Flyers traded away Downie.

AJ said...

I loved when Gary Roberts mopped the floor with Downie after Downie gave Georges Laraque a cheap shot from behind. One of the all time great Pens/Flyers moments.

Unknown said...

Easily the first and last time Duquesne and Princeton will be mentioned in the same sentence.

Steve said...

The one person who should be the most upset about this (Crosby) sure didn't act like it and downplayed the whole much for being a whiner. Now, if that happens to the phaggotchild Ovechkin, we could only imagine the non-stop bitching and moaning coming out of camp Crapital. Ovierated, Leonsis and Boudreau would throw a hissy fit only a sorority of premenstrual blond mongoloids could match.

Brian said...

Ovechkin had himself a cheapshot on Sunday, too, I'm sure you've heard by now.

Thing is with cheapshot artists it's ultimately going to come down to the GMs. If teams are interested in cutting out dirty play they'll stop sigining dirty players. Cooke has a history of cheapshots yet because he's good on the penalty kill he'll find a team. Downie, too, doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Even Bryan Marchment, probably the dirtiest player in the league for about a decade, always had a home.