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Santonio Holmes, always the voice of reason in a time of crisis, recently spoke to "Mayhem in the AM" on 790 The Zone in Atlanta. As you could guess, the talk eventually shifted to Ben Roethlisberger, and here's a snippet:
On if he’s had a chance to talk to Ben Roethlisberger since the news of his alleged assault broke last Thursday night:

“I haven’t. On my Twitter page, people have been hitting me up telling me to tell Ben to stay out of nightclubs and keep him this, this and that. I’m like he’s a grown man, he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to do. Unfortunately the incident came about. Hopefully it will get resolved and we can get on with our season.”

On the common held belief that athletes like Big Ben shouldn’t put themselves in potentially compromising situations by going out to clubs and bars:

“You say that now, but when you’re out having fun, you’re just having fun. Like I said, you’re entitled to go wherever you want to go. You’re not expecting those things to happen, you’re going to have fun and enjoy yourself. And when these things occur, how do you defend yourself?”

"When you're out having fun, you're just having fun." Sounds like the responsible Santonio we all know and love. You can find more of the interview and full audio through the Sports Radio Interviews website.

NHL Disciplinarian Colin Campbell appeared with Seibel and Starkey on Thursday to discuss the Matt Cooke non-suspension, and to be honest, was a bit condescending in his responses, actually playing the "did you play hockey" card at one point to Starkey.

If this is what passes for becoming conduct of a representative of the league, Gary Bettman should be embarrassed. [93.7 The Fan]

John Steigerwald's first blog post certainly made some waves when it was posted on Thursday, and it appears to have then been "sent to the trash by mistake" by the author. A revised post has since been published, but it's not exactly the same, obviously raising some eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Mark Madden wonders if Steigerwald changed his blog "in fear of potential legal repercussions stemming from his insinuation that Ben was on drugs."

Whatever the case, if Steigerwald's mission was to get people reading his new site, then he should consider that mission accomplished. [Just Watch the Game; WXDX/Mark Madden]

The Sidney Crosby Olympic Memorabilia Controversy is still ongoing, as word has come out that the stick and puck were actually shipped to a Russian collector and not the IIHF, which is located in Canada and not Russia, as was earlier reported. Lots of finger-pointing going on in this one. [Deadspin]

Pens-Devils goes down tonight in Jersey, and it's the first time you get to see Martin Skoula try and exact revenge on his old team. OK, you need more of an incentive to watch? How about the fact that the Devils are 4-0 against the Pens this year, outscoring them by a count of 14-2? If anything, we're due for a victory. []

Ben Roethlisberger's accuser is "still enrolled" at George College & State University, according to the Milledgeville Union-Recorder via SPORTSbyBROOKS, who has more exclusive photos from the night in question.

Charles Mittelstadt -- who has worked as a lead investigator on behalf of NFL stars Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis, rapper T.I., and convicted Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph, was recently hired as a private investigator by Roethlisberger, as per a TMZ report.

LB Larry Foote will visit the Steelers on Monday and could reach an agreement with the team if he passes a physical, says Gerry Dulac of the PG. Foote has also visited with Arizona and Washington this week, but did not reach a deal with either team. [PG]

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"Incident" gets my vote for most annoying word of the week.

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