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The Pitt Panthers (24-7) open Big East Tournament play today with a 7 PM matchup against Notre Dame (22-10) at Madison Square Garden, where the Panthers are 24-10 since 2000-01.

The Irish crushed Pitt while playing without Luke Harangody in their meeting two weeks ago, but he's now back and playing well, with 20 points and 10 boards in Notre Dame's win over Seton Hall last night.

I don't know how the Irish could shoot any better than they did in the last meeting with Pitt (50% from the floor, 56% from 3), and I think you'll see a much better effort out of the Panthers than you did in that debacle. Frankly, it couldn't be much worse.

The winner gets either the winner of the Huggy Bowl, Cincinnati or West Virginia, tomorrow night at 9 PM. [PG]

The Pittsburgh Penguins are back in action tonight, facing off against "could've been a Penguin" Ray Whitney and the Carolina Hurricanes at 7 PM. Again, this will be a night where your remote control needs to be in midseason form, with the Pens and Panthers playing at the same time.

Bill Guerin (back) is questionable, Eric Godard (groin) is out indefinitely, and Bill Cowher will hopefully be on hand to do something embarrassing. [Empty Netters]

Ben Roethlisberger may be down to his last chance in Pittsburgh, reports Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network:
Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported during Wednesday's "Around the League" segment on Total Access that Roethlisberger already has met with ownership regarding the latest ordeal, and that the Rooneys are sufficiently "dismayed" with the situation to cause some in the building to believe that another incident could result in the end of Ben's career in Pittsburgh.
The Steeler Way is dead, writes Joe Starkey. He's not the only person saying this, and sadly, I must agree. Santonio, Harrison, Davenport, Reed, Spaeth, Cedrick Wilson, Barrett Brooks...need I go on? [Trib]

Mark Madden compares and contrasts the Steelers' handling of Ben's situation to that of James Harrison a few years ago, and dares the team to cut Roethlisberger (which is actually being suggested by some). [WXDX/Mark Madden]

Hank Fraley, the free agent center who played collegiately at Robert Morris, is on the Steelers' radar, according to agent Ralph Cindrich. Fraley started his career in Pittsburgh, was released, and went on to start for several years in Philadelphia and later Cleveland. He will be meeting with St. Louis today. []

Lamarr Woodley will participate in a ceremonial puck-drop for the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL on Saturday night.

Woodley played at Saginaw HS and the University of Michigan, so there should be a good turnout. He will also be speaking to season ticket holders and fans before the game. []

Antonio Bryant, former Pitt Panther extraordinaire, signed a $28 million deal with Cincinnati yesterday, ending the Terrell Owens-Ochocinco team-up that was rumored to be in the works. Not bad for a guy who was once out of the league altogether. []

She's Out of My League, the movie shot in Pittsburgh starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve, opens in theaters tomorrow. If you didn't know that, you've probably missed the billion commercials they've run for it over the last few weeks.

But apparently Baruchel is a Canadian and therefore a huge hockey fan, and he recounts his experience meeting national hero Sidney Crosby in an interview with the PG today.

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Unknown said...

The Steelers Way? Come on, let's be serious. You find me one team in the league that doesn't have a couple of knuckleheads that get into some trouble. Besides, I don't want to watch a church organization on the field. I have a hard time rooting for bad guys, but I also don't think there are any "bad" guys on the team, and they still deal with discipline issues better than any other team in the league, not to mention the way they completely ignore any free agents with excess baggage. The way the media and some of the fans treat this club like it's some holier than thou organization is not only arrogant, but unrealistic. The Steelers front office is pragmatic, plain and simple, and that's why they've been successful. Not because they operate on a higher moral plane. Grow up.

Spatula said...

As I emailed to Mr. Starkey: "So your argument is that urinating in the alley (Jeff Reed) is the moral equivalent of vehicular manslaughter (Donte Stallworth)? I agree that these guys aren’t saints, but you’ve made a bit of an overstatement about the entire team. Perhaps we can judge the success of the organization by the shrill, usually foul, comments by the fans of other teams comparing a dismissed drug possession charge (Santonio Holmes) to torturing and killing scores of dogs (Michael Vick). To reiterate, I think you’ve made a huge overstatement. Having said that, if Roethlisberger is convicted of sexual assault in Georgia or loses the civil case in Nevada, then he should be put under the jail. Until then, maybe we can assume it’s similar to the case against Jerome Bettis a few years ago."

Anonymous said...

I think many people have been confused about the "Steeler Way", and apparently Joe Starkey has fallen into the same group.

The Steeler way has not been one of having better morals than other teams. Not cutting or staying away from players that have a few run ins with the law.

The Steelers have always veered to not bring in locker room and team cancers like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss.

Just take a look at the 70's teams. A few of them were in trouble, and they weren't immediately released. So the Rooney's still take the same approach.

P.O. said...

@Spatula.... Reed didn't urinate in an alley (although im sure he has in the past as have I) Spaeth got busted pissing in the parking lot outside of McFaddens and when the cops cited him Reed tried to fight the cops... fighting cops > pissing in an alley

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Professional Athlete/Celebrity > LAW

MJ said...

I think Ernie Holmes set the standard for the "Steeler Way" by firing a gun at a police helicopter.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I think Bobby Layne set the standard for Steelers QB's by wrecking into a street car win a teammate's vehicle when he was totally $h!tfaced.

Robert Ullman said...

Dear God Mark Madden is a joke.