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Big Ben Update:

--The woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault was "hysterical" when she spoke with cops, according to a source at the Milledgeville Police Department. [TMZ]

--Roethlisberger just hired the lawyer who defended Ray Lewis when he was accused of murder in Georgia. [PFT]

--Roethlisberger is certainly guilty of poor judgment, says Mark Madden. And Ron Cook. And AOL's Terence Moore, who declares that "Big Ben is officially brain dead." [Beaver County Times, PG, Fanhouse]

--On the other side, Bob Smizik makes the ridiculous comparison that he goes to bars and that not everybody who does so has bad judgment. If I may poke few holes in his comparison that Bob Smizik going to a bar is the same as Ben Roethlisberger going to a bar:

1. As much as he's beloved in Pittsburgh, Bob is not quite the international celebrity that Roethlisberger is and probably does not draw the same amount of attention when he's at his local watering hole.

2. Bob does not have a $102 million contract, which always adds another layer to matters like these.

3. Bob does not have a lawsuit with another woman hanging over his head.

4. Young women do not rush to be in the presence of Bob when he is in a bar.

But other than that, yes, great comparison.


Five for Fighting? That's the rumored suspension for Matt Cooke's nasty hit on Marc Savard on Sunday afternoon. One of these days, this guy may get the memo. Let's hope he doesn't end someone's career first. [KDKA]

Sid turned down David Letterman after the Olympics, and apparently it wasn't the first time. Obviously, Sid is with Coco. [NY Post]

Porter to visit Pittsburgh West: Much to the delight of Darnell Dockett, who pleaded for this on Twitter, the Arizona Cardinals are bringing Joey Porter in for a look-see on Thursday. I don't know about his body, but his mouth is certainly still in midseason form. [Adam Schefter Twitter]

Honors for Gibbs: Pitt's Ashton Gibbs was named second-team All-Big East on Sunday following a vote by the league's 16 coaches.

Gibbs leads the Panthers in scoring (16.2 ppg.), minutes played (1086), 3-point field goals (74), 3-point field goal percentage (40.4) and free throw percentage (89.0). [Pittsburgh Panthers]

Behind the Scenes with 43: NFL superstar and budding pitchman Troy Polamalu has another new gig. Be prepared to see the safety in ads for Nemacolin Woodlands' cleverly-named pet resort, Nemacolin Wooflands. Here is a sneak preview of some behind-the-scenes footage. [Rum Bunter]

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P.O. said...

see you at OTAs, Ben

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Obviously, I wasn't there to see what transpired. I don't know if he assaulted her or whether she is trying to take him to the cleaners.

I do know this much: Ben Roethlisberger is a moron for continuing to make poor decisions and put himself in these stupid situations. Guilty or not, he is obviously morally bankrupt. I don't expect him to be a Walter Payton Man of the Year candidate, but I would think he'd have some perspective on things of this nature.

I have supported him as the QB of my favorite franchise due to his outstanding play. I have never held a high opinion of him as a person off the field and that view of him has gotten dimmer. I know a lot of people will probably chastise me for basing my opinion on his trangressions off the field as opposed to his actions on it, but I don't care. He is a scumbag and there is little that is going to change that.

Chip said...

I love how Mark Madden never lets it slide that James Harrison was once in a domestic abuse incident with is baby momma (I recall he even called for Harrison's release) but all Rapistburger is guilty of is "poor judgement." If by "poor judgement" he means "sexual predator," then yes, that's true.

Then again, Harrison doesn't give Madden exclusive radio interviews so I guess he isn't entitled from a continuous verbal blowjob from that fat buffoon.

The Mad Bubbler said...

Ben just needs to realize he's got a face only a mother could love, and he's fat as an ox, and that 102 million dollars and two Super Bowl rings can't ALWAYS get you laid, especially when you aren't even in Pittsburgh (although I'm sure the success % is high). Also granted that most of his teammates dislike him probably means he has the personality of a squirrel. Wilt Chamberlain slept with 10,000 women without these problems. Ben needs to get plastic surgery, lose weight, get some swagger, and then he won't have these problems.

Steve said...

Larry Brooks get a clue. "Crosby Blow's NHL's Golden Chance"? Right, an appearance by Crosby on Letterman would have really helped the NHL's mass appeal. Maybe after the bigoted Americans in the audience stopped booing long enough for Sid to kindly answer some silly "Dave" questions, he could have done the classic shoot the puck in the dryer shtick for all the numbnuts in Arkansas to gawk at just long enough to forget the more important things in their lives like NASCAR, Bass Fishing and internet Obama bashing.

Yup, when we're all wondering why the NHL is still not on ESPN 5-years from now, we can point to this moment and blame Sid for not making the NHL as popular as Baseball and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Oh, and Big Ben's a moron.

Unknown said...

ben: agree with everyone's comments so far....

hockey: if the nhl shortened the season and didn't invite practically everyone to the playoffs, it might catch on more with the mainstream...

Unknown said...

So this is the same lawyer who got Ray "I didn't kill those people" Lewis and Jamal "eight pounds of coke is for personal use" Lewis off on 2nd degree murder & possession with intent to distribute charges, respectively?

If he gets charged with sexual assualt, the Steeler front office should cut Ben soon after. The Steelers do not put up with this crap...

BurressWithButterflywings said...


I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Seems Crosby is going to eternally be the bad guy. Oh well, as long as he keeps hoisting Stanleys, the rest of the league can enjoy the passionate Mongoloid and his exploits.

Unknown said...

what's worse? a man who sexually assaults women or owns & operates a dog fighting ring?

The Mad Bubbler said...

Sorry but the Steelers DO put up with this crap, so long as you are a star player. How many times has Santonio been arrested since he's been drafted? Meanwhile Cedrick Wilson, who was a scrub backup receiver, was cut after only one incident. I'll say the Steelers are definitely one of the better organizations, but how some people depict them as being "too classy" or "too good" is just homer nonsense.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Big Ben: The respelling of his last name is unfair & far to early! There is not much info yet, except that it was reported that this woman went to the police & the hospital immediately. It's unfair to just accuse people because they have money, but people who have money shouldn't be allowed to do whatever they want without consequences either. All i hope is that the truth comes out one way or the other.
The argument of "Big Ben shouldn't put himself in these situations" is bull. "These situations"??? You mean public? Maybe large Benjamin could join a monastery?

@Chip - Hahaha, hilarious. The super genius is quick to forgive Ben ("All he's done is win") and quick to judge James Harrison, Skippy, Santonio (all valid judgements, of course. Just the ben pardons 'because he wins' are getting a little old.)

@Gus - Come on! Seriously? Have you read any NFL news recently? Big Ben (x2 now),
Bettis? Similar allegations to Ben's. His punishment was to retire a legend.
James Harrison? Punched his girlfriend in the face. His punishment: lots of money and extended contract.
Cedric Wilson? (The only one who's 'crap' wouldn't be tolerated cause he was 5th on the depth chart) Punched his girl in the face at Applebee's and was promptly cut (Cedric incident occured what? a month of two before harrison's?)
Need i mention the recently franchised Skippy Reed? Now, i'm not saying any of these guys offenses are as bad as allegedly stabbing someone, but let's give the 'burgh homerism a rest man. And these examples, by the way, are just recent steelers history.

It is a very scary what some people with let others get away with just because they win games. If these allegations are true, something should be done. (I don't want to speculate what, because right now, the allegations are just that) Then again the steelers don't punish anyone for getting drunk, punchin women in the face, or alleged inappropriate sexual contact. Hell, the NFL hardly punishes for alleged murder, domestic disturbances, repeated counts of torture/murder to dogs, drug arrests. It's just a sad state of our united states, were athletes are above the law.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I realized a few years ago that the Steelers are no longer above all the crap that the other NFL teams pull in regards to player conduct.

I honestly don't remember player conduct as a whole ever being this bad before in the NFL. Maybe all of the mass media and internet coverage just brings more of it to light now.

I'm not going to sit here and call the accuser some lying gold digger, and nor am I going to re-name out QB "Rapistberger" (although it does sound kind of funny).

The fact is, we don't know what the hell happened that night.

But it's fun to watch all of the Ben lovers rush to his defense, while the Ben haters get to yell "Told ya so!" all over the internet.