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King Crosby landed of a bevy of newspaper covers on Monday, and deservedly so. Today, it was revealed that he'll be making a cover appearance on the national edition of SI this week, a feat few hockey players outside of Crosby have achieved of late.

This will be Sid's fourth appearance on an SI cover in the last year, including the 2010 Olympic Preview issue (Canada-only), the 2009 Stanley Cup commemorative issue, and the June 21 issue following the Cup last year.

Crosby newspaper covers [Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show]

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Unknown said...

i'm a fan of kid, but if the news channel says one more time that he's coming home, i might have to retire from watching the least for a while.

Steve said...

The whole "kid" thing has gotten so old now. At what point does it stop...when he's got grand kids and an artificial hip? Even Toews who is a year younger than him said: "There's nothing that kid can't do or hasn't done already."

It's stupid, but not as stupid as the retards who will boo him tonight. No, that's just special stupid.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Just another example of the media, the NHL, and Bettman trying to shove their golden boy down people's throats while slighting other teams.

Crosby is just a whiner and diver who sucks. What has he ever done to deserve any praise?

Real hockey players carry emotion and passion and push down women filming them in a hotel lobby!

On a less sarcastic note: Sid has a Stanley Cup, Gold Medal, Ross, Hart, Pearson, and is team captain all at the ripe old age of 22. Can you imagine having reached all of those plateaus, or even one of them,in a lifetime, let alone by 22?