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THE SANTONIO HOLMES CRIMINAL CASE IS CLOSED received a copy of the incident report from the Orlando Police Department related to Santonio Holmes' alleged battery on March 7, and the police say the criminal case is now closed due to the victim's declination to prosecute Holmes at the time of the incident. So I guess Holmes was right on some level when he said yesterday that this would be taken care of in less than 24 hours, but it's important to remember that the civil case is still ongoing.

PFT's Gregg Rosenthal states that one aspect of the report stands out:

"She then asked this officer if she could speak to Holmes alone. I said yes and Holmes agreed to speak with her. They then walked several feet away from me and had a conversation. This officer observed Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes face just moments after walking off together. Five minutes later the two returned and Mills advised this officer that they had resolved the matter and that she did not wish to press charges or get Holmes into any trouble. Mills had a small abrasion that was less than 1/4' over her right eye. She refused medical attention. Mills wrote a sworn written statement in which she declined to prosecute."

TMZ also got the report, and in Santonio's version of the events, Mills grabbed him by the wrist and used a racial slur towards him. It was the classic he said/she said, and another example of the situations that seem to be arising all too often between celebrities out on the town.

Holmes case closed after police report released [PFT]

Santonio Holmes: She Called Me a 'N*****' [TMZ]

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the nigerian nightmare said...

OK, so she declines to prosecute all of a sudden. Gee.....I wonder if her bank account grew at all today?

Also.......I'm really, really trying to not make this sound racist, but don't black people (not all black people) call each other the 'n-word' all the time? Holmes is crying that this girl, who is also black, called him that? I would bet any amount of money he calls teammates that multiple times at practice.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, I think something else that needs to be pointed out is that Santonio Holmes still hit a woman with a glass in the eye. The fact that she didnt go through with pressing charges doesn't mean it didnt happen. It clearly said she had an abrasion and he was obviously worried enough to bribe her.

It's a mad world. A mad mad mad mad mad world.

Unknown said...

How I see it:
Santonio said he would pay her but knowing there wasn't a Police report, he knew she had no ground to stand on. 'Tone backed out of the deal. She started calling him non stop to get her money(Santonio asked his Twitter followers how to block a phone number from calling him last week). So because he wouldn't answer she then pressed charges.

okel dokel said...

Can we please stop with the "get rid of him" crap.

The bottom line is he will be a UFA next year and no team will give the Steelers anything for him with the current labor situation.

The Steelers can exercise their right to rid themselves of this type of "element" whenever the next season rolls around. The thing is as I look around the NBA, NFL and MLB all teams have to accept a certain amount of this crap or they will never get any players.

Given the Tweeteriffic world we live in every player is going to be given the opportunity to show their "real colors." Rest assured their will be a team of lawyers standing by to sue somebody so TMZ will stay in business.

Remember even if the person making the complaint loses the civil case they still stand a good chance of landing on a reality show.

SantoGold said...

Now THAT'S how you handle unruly females at nightclubs/bars. Get them alone, a little dirty talk, then some $$$, and problem solved.

' us all a favor and explain this Ben.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think the girl's story sounds like pure shite. I'm leaning towards 'tone here.

I could be wrong, any of us could, but it's a shady story. Then again, the guys should probably stay out of the clubs and none of this would happen in the first place.

But we all know to NEVER call Santonio a racial slur, or you will have a beverage hurled at you by someone.

It could be worse, we all know that Holmes carries a much more dangerous weapon on him than a cocktail glass.